ohh it's been a good one. The weather pulled a 180 over the past week and I don't want it to ever end. I'm finally getting back into the swing of normal life. baby steps. slow process of progress is in acceptance of what you can not control.

it's going to be a good summer.
..and as if I really needed an excuse to go to Japan, I found a valid one.
I should not think about it too much and just buy a plane ticket; so I have to go. You got time, not until October but get your game face on.

...and I should start saving up money now!

who's in?

sekidobashi bicycle flea market...


boys of summer

Last night, it hit me. It's over; the weather is against me now. Time to hibernate during the day and play at night. The summer is ours when the sun goes down. I've got a lot of plans to keep my mind occupied this time of the year. Traveling has always helped clear my mind. LA. SF. NY.



I cant stop listening to Sun Kil Moon and Red House Painters.
I've been in better conditions.
My iPod gets more use than my heart.
I moved out of my house and have been living out of my bag
San Francisco in June!

I went to the Huntridge Theatre with my Dad a few weeks back.
No one knows what will come of it yet, but my Dad and Luke are on the case...

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