What We Do Is Secret

You have five years.

After Sufferfest I made myself a large breakfast/lunch, put my recovery leggings on and watched What We Do Is Secret. It's a documentary about the legendary LA-punk band The Germs. While known more for their stage antics than music, The Germs set the landscape for American punk and hardcore. I never did get into them when I was younger, but I definitely knew who they were and that they were important. So much of the punk recordings in the late 70's sounded like garbage but it was all about the atmosphere and ideas it created inside you. It's strange, I actually remember being in LA in 2007 and hearing that they were filming this movie. There was a flyer in Ameoba records saying they needed extras for the movie.

Why I didn't go, I have no idea, but I remember vividly thinking now would be a good time to dive into them. The story of the Germs is like most in punk rock; ending too soon. Destruction and suicide are a common place in the history of punk rock. Most punk bands in the late 70's quit before they make it too big in order to keep the legacy of a certain time and scene. You don't get that much these days. And I guess that's what draws me to these primitive recordings.


93 miles. 5 hours. +8000ft of climbing. +3000 calories. excellent day out.


not-so-weekly update post

I rode to work without leg warmers for the first time this year.

Pardon my silence on here. I've been keeping myself busy with my regular masters; work, cycling, and Megan. The weather is slowing turning to spring. Although the season is usally short lived, I love it. The race season IS in full swing.

Mauricio Prado won his second race of the season, giving Allegiant Cycling their third win. James Pearce took 4th overall in the Valley of Sun Stage Race and got himself a cat2 upgrade. So there is a lot to be happy about over in our camp. This weekend everyone is taking a break from travelling and racing to participate in the Sufferfest...the first of three this year. This Saturday we will have to do two loops - Mt Potosi - one loop. Thats enough climbing to simulate any race if you ask me. I will most likely do a small crit in LA before the Tour de Sol at the end of March.

Megan and I will venture off to Phoenix to see Radiohead in less than a month!! I can't believe how time flies. Radiohead is one of the bands I need to see before I die. So now I can mark that one off. I still have to hug a live grizzly bear though.

I've been listening to this song every morning...