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Valley of the Sun SR 2014

Took 19th GC in Elite 3

Valley of the Sun Stage Race is a good season opener. Located in the brutally hot and dry city of Phoenix, AZ, racers over there are in pretty good form early on. Allegiant Air Cycling had eight riders go down in different categories. Friday was a simple but punishing Time Trial, Saturday was a long Road Race, and Sunday's crit was in the rutted streets of downtown PHX.

I took 19th in my first time trial with a proper time trial bike and I think if I actually spend some time on it I will do better. Nineteenth is pretty much where I stayed for the remainder of the stage race.

On Saturday, Addison and I set out to get one of us in a breakaway. After two tempo laps we got up front and started hammering out hard efforts. We each took turns attacking until finally Addison got away with a few riders. He proceeded to stay away and finish second - while I chilled in the pack and made sure the tempo never got too hot or close to the break.

Sunday's crit was crazy fast. One thing I've learned about Cat 3 crits is: from the whistle it's fucking ON! Not only was the pace super fast, the road was really torn up on the backside. I cased my wheel a few times, lost my bottle on a rough section, and lost positions trying to find a line that wasn't land-mined.

VOS was great fun with the team. We all stayed in a host house together. We lounged around after races and ate a bunch of food together. That's what racing is all about. Having fun with your friends and burying yourself on the road.

Valley of Fire Stage Race in Overton, NV is this weekend...