How I spent my late November Vay Cay

According to my phone.

I had a week of vacation days left that I needed to take. My coach decided I should treat the week like a cycling training camp program. He said get some long hours on the bike, after that, ride your bike. I got a solid 20hours in for the week. My TT bike was also completed and I got a chance to get on that for a few good rides. I'm planning on making Time Trailing a new focus for next season. I plan on hitting stage races harder and maybe even skipping some less than great Criteriums for Time Trial Events. I also got a chance to give some old rides a revisit and experimented with some new routes. Sometimes I'm amazed as to how much solid riding can be done, once you get out of the city.
Panarama view of the descent into Callville Bay. You can see the water from the top of the hill.
Red Rock is very peaceful on weekdays. There aren't any cyclist traffic jams and Strava nerds out.



Well...I'm keeping my promise. 

Over the weekend I participated in the Multiple Sclerosis 150 charity event. I believe this is the seixth year I have done this event. This event is sort of a coming of age event as a cyclist. I first lined up at this event with a brakeless fixed gear with Vans. Now, I use the event as a regular winter base-mile day.

  I raised $500 so I got a sweet jersey
     Lots of food and goodies before I head out.
               The beverage tri-fecta with Mike in the background grubbin.



Attempting for make contact. Again. Maybe for Real.

I apologized a years ago.

And I did not keep contact.

A lot has been going on and I have been half-ass publishing it elsewhere. All the while, though, I thought about this blog. I started it yearsssss ago. For no one else but myself. I was not concerned about followers. I was not concerned about constantly worrying about if I'm breaking my Inernet-rule of not over-sharing; or better yet under sharing. Truth is I want to share everything that's going on in my life with this blog.

 So...maybe...perhaps...I suppose I can re-vamp this time capsule. I could spend hours re-writing everything that has happened in my year and a half absence. But I think I will just start from here and see how things go. There may be some new interests and adventures but just go with it.