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TdF 2011

Congrats to the Aussie, Cadel Evans, for taking yellow!

Hats off to the BMC team for helping Evans win his much deserved yellow jersey.

Andy put up an outstanding fight for victory. He was close...put the time trial ended up costing him in the end...again. Two Schlecks on the podium is not bad!

All the jersey winners! Congrats to Cavendish for riding a near perfect tour.


Megan's New Whip

Megan got a new car!!

After months of savings and weeks of looking around for a new car, Megan picked up a VW Bug. I'm very happy for her and I'm excited for all the roadtrips we are going to take with it.


Megan's Hair Skillz

My girlfriend is the most talented hair dresser in the world.

Visit Megan's hair Skillz Facebook page to see recent hair-dos. She can be found over at Tonic Salon saving lives and making the world look beautiful.

Levi's 511 Commuter Jeans

These look awesome.


Andy Schleck's Tour

Documentary on Andy Schleck's preparing for the Tour de France.

The Danish documentary and film maker Niels Christian Jung has been filming Andy Schleck since December 2010. His movie Andy Schleck’s Tour will be shown on Danish, Norwegian, German, Luxembourgish, Belgian and Dutch television in the days leading towards the Tour.

The film follows Andy Schleck’s meticulous preparation for the Tour de France, including training camps, training at home in Luxembourg, aerotests in the U.S. and in Germany, etc. The viewer travels along with Andy Schleck during the all-important races in the Basque country and in Belgium and follows the crucial ‘recce’ training in the Alps. Here, Andy’s attempts at this year’s Tour stages will prove decisive in the battle to win the world’s most prestigious bicycle race.

not-so-weekly update post

So many networks to share on...if only I had anything to say.

I did it again, not sure how, but I did. I got yet another social networking account. I present to you Google+. No idea how it works, if it will work, or if I will use it. That makes five different ways to share things with the world. Strangely, I still catch myself saying, "I should put that in my blog."

A lot has and is going on so hang on...

For the past two weeks I have adhered to a strict morning schedule: wake up, shower, make protein shake, and watch le tour. It has been amazing waking up and watching le tour live via internet. So much drama this year, and a whole lot of crashes...I think everyone has crashed at least once so far! But the highlight for me is watching the final sprints. I'm enjoying it now because tomorrow starts the mountain stages and all my favorite sprinters will be hanging on for dear life. My money is on Cavendish to take the green jersey (which he is currently in), Garmin to take the Team Award, and Andy Schleck to take the yellow jersey. He has been training so hard for this and I think Contador is too tired from his victory in Giro de Italia.

Meg and I will be venturing off to LA in the next few months for FYF Fest, Formerly titled Fuck Yeah Fest! She is on a viscous hunt for a new car so we will have a solid road trip car.

The season is slowly winding down and I only have one more race highlighted on my race schedule. Brentwood Elite Championships in early August. I'm trying to get in some solid training miles before then. After that it's going to be a sweet off season...