I had hinted to AA to make a long sleeve V-Neck a few years back. Finally...and in Tri-Blend no less. Ohh fall, and all your layering-clothing goodness!!


MMJ Care Package.

My Morning Jacket canceled their Las Vegas date for their Evil Urges Tour last month. I was extremely upset about this. What made matter worse was Viva-Radio, an amazing internet radio program based out of NY- played in every American Apparel store, was doing a huge promotion for their upcoming tour and CD Release. After hearing about the news of their show cancellation, I emailed Neil from Viva and told him I was going to send back all the promotional items we were to display in our store.

I told him how excited I was to finally see My Morning Jacket and how disappointed I was to hear of their show cancellation. He replied shorty after, "Go ahead and send it to NY3 and we will work something out. Thanks!"

Last Friday, Brett and I were checking the store's mailbox and found a record box shaped packaged addressed: Attention: Ryan O'Keefe. I was completely overjoyed to find the box containing four, brand new My Morning Jacket LP's!!! There was no note and any e-mail prior to the package being delivered. Needless to say, I have been jamming on some sweet MMJ tunes for the past few days.

Not sure who was behind this, but THANK YOU...it made my month!


MS 150 Ride

Bike MS: Perini Building Company Las Vegas Gambler's Classic Ride 2008
November 8 & 9, 2008
165 Miles of Open Road Ahead

The MS Bike Ride provides an experience that tests your strength, your character, and challenges you to have more fun than you imagined. Two days, 165 miles!

I'm on the HOUSE OF COMMONS TEAM, with Brett, Kris, and Nick. That's our team so far, but we are always looking for more experienced riders to join! We are taking donations to help fight Multiple Sclerosis. If you donate even $5 it would help a great deal, and I promise to ride extra hard for you!