My life as of late...


Tour de Sol

Took 10th overall in Tour de Sol Stage Race.

I took 21st in the TT. A full minute behind the leader. Not too bad. I think once I build my TT bike it will be a whole new ballgame. I passed my 30sec and 1min guy. I was stoked on that.

I took 12th in the horribly windy Crit. I worked so hard just to stay in the back. Haha. It was crazy crosswind. No matter where I went I couldn't get in the draft. I only felt good during the last five laps. On last lap, last corner I went a bit too wide. It was a super long sprint, so I didn't jump right away. A few guys passed me, but once I jumped I gained them back at the line. I need to be up there for the last lap. That's 2 12th place crits. I was kinda worn out from the TT before.

I took 11th in the road race. This was a tough, tough race for me. The weather was windy in town and heavy clouds were hovering over gunlock, UT. No one really knew what time each category went off, so I tried to be ready by 8:30, which is when we went off. It started sprinkling. I wore my long sleeve jersey and leg warmers. I did this course before, so I knew what to expect. The first big climb always strings out the field and the first group up the hill stay away. So I was in perfect position starting the climb. I'm out of my saddle and the wind, rain, and pain of no warm up starts to set in. I fall back but keep the leaders a few bike lengths back. I crest the hill and the leaders have already started breaking away. I'm in the same position I was last year, but I refused to just sit and wait for the peloton. I start charging but I am gaining no ground. After a solo effort, Travis from Le Rois comes up next to me and tells me to get on! He has five other riders with him. We start a good rotating paceline and make good time. After an hour of pushing hard and keeping the pace hot we catch the group!! I felt so accomplished. All of five of us gave eachother high fives and pats on the back because we can not believe we caught the leaders. For a while we thought it was hopeless. If the pace slowed down, myself or someone would launch off the front and pull. Once we got to the leaders I was pretty tired. The efforts and matches I burned to catch the group took a major toll. There was about 8 miles left. I stayed in the back to recover. After a bonk breaker bar and some swigs of my waterbottle I was ready to move up. Five miles to go. People try to attack but because of the sequential hills nothing would stay away, and I knew this. It was going to come down to a field sprint. Before the final hill to the finish, someone attacks and it breaks the group. I attach to the tail end but can't move up. My legs are dying and soaking wet. I push as hard as I can. I manage to pass one rider up the hill. And it was over. 11th place, which would later put me in 10th. I felt so proud of myself for not giving up and catching the lead group!