Taylor Phinney

Taylor Phinney wins Men's Track Pursuit again in Copenhagen. That kid is too fast...


RIP Alex Chilton

Singer, songwriter, legend Alex Chilton  died today at the age of 59.

The name Alex Chilton first came into my head when I heard The Replacement's song "Alex Chilton'. That song had such an amazing, unforgettable hook; I had to find out who this man was Paul Westerberg seemed to be infatuated with. So after some digging around I came upon Big Star and I understood. While critically praised his work went under the radar of the mainstream. In a perfect world, Chilton would be widely appreciated and get the credit his career deserves. Maybe with his passing his music and words will be heard.


Tour de Murrieta

Took 12th in the Grand Prix Crit and took 7th in the Circuit Stage Race. I didn't do the Time Trial but I ended taking 10th in the Omnium. I need to upgrade soon so I don't have to race at seven in the morning. Working on it!


Ry-Ry-Ryding MIX

Vincent from Afghan Raiders was kind enough to make a riding mix for me! I always enjoy talking music news and gossip with him over a few drinks. This month Vince and fellow raider, Mikey, will be performing at Las Vegas's Neon Reverb, Austin's SXSW, and a DJ set w/ Neon Indian in SF! Busy, busy boys! Unfortunately I will be racing in Murrieta this weekend.
Again, much appreciated buddy!

Delorean "Deli"
The Hundred In the Hand "Dressed in Dredsen"
Little Pictures "Owl+Owl"
Via Audio "Babies"
Chew Lips "Play Together"
Wallpaper "Ddd"
Simian Mobile Disco "Audacity of Huge"
Discovery "Osaka Hoop Line"
The Golden Filter "Solid Gold"
Scott Brandon "Voyage Into the Dark"
PNAU "Wild Strawberries"
Sleigh Bells "A/B machine"
Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip "Thou Shall Not Kill"
Metronomy "Thing For Me"
Cold Cave "Life Magazine"
Joe Goddard "Go Bananas"


Music and Murder

Q. Could the music of Insane Clown Posse cause fans to kill?
A. Only beneficial if they kill each other.


TRON LEGACY trailer released

DGAF AVATAR. I have been hyped on TRON LEGACY to come out for a few years now, and I do not get hyped on movies often. As a kid I watched a lot of 80's sci-fi movies, The Last Starfighter, Flight of the Navigator, Short Circuit, etc, and TRON sticks out particularly. Every couple of months a new teaser would come out from Disney but now the official trailer is released. Apparently, it previews before the new Alice in Wonderland movie. PassDaft Punk is doing the soundtrack....and possibly appearing in the movie!? We shall see.

mad props goes to....

...Joesph Patterson (Cat2) from Herbalife/LaGrange, on taking first in Island View Crit last weekend! Got a chance to talk and hang with him at Callville Bay. Hope to catch the LaGrange guys this weekend!

"It was a skinsuit to winsuit weekend." JP



sound of rain + burrito + ZION I on vinyl = bliss


Callville Bay Classic Results

February 26th / Time Trial / 9th place / 11:06:00
February 27th / 46 mile Stage Race / 11th place / 2:12:47
February 28th / Criterium / 19th place / 27:27

OVERALL // 9th place

Stage 1 // Early TT then went to check out my sleeping situation. I'm on a boat!

Stage 2 // Pro1/2, lots of heavy hitters and lots of rain!

Stage 3 // I had an early Crit and waited around to watch the LeGrange guys!

life according to my camera.

As of late, I have been living off of bread, nutella, cliff bars, and water. A lot of exciting things are going to happen. This is what I have been seeing...