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These artists played a large part in cold recovery last week. Like audio zicam.

Sun Kil Moon "Untitled 2"
Mount Eerie "Lost Wisdom"
Grouper "Disengaged"
Grizzly Bear "Boy From School (Hot Chip cover)"
The Bad Plus "Anthem for the Earnest"
A Sunny Day In Glasgow "Failure"
Underworld 'Twist"
808Beloved "Everything Purple"

mad photo cred to Anatoly Zenkov

Callville Bay Classic

Still working like a dog and trying to get some proper training hours in. I'm excited to finally have a race that I do not have to drive to LA to. This weekend brings racers from all over the country to Las Vegas for the three day stage race, Callville Bay Classic.

Friday: 12.37pm (Time Trial)
Saturday: 7:20am (Road Race)
Sunday: 9:15am (Criterium)

Races are pretty early in the morning, feel free to come by and support. We can drink mimosas lakeside afterwards.


BSS Returns

Please excuse my silence on here, do not take it maliciously. With a mixture of terrible sickness and MAGIC week, long work hours and painfully longer hours of staying up congested kept me from this.

Some great news to report. After five years Broken Social Scene returns!! This band means a lot to me and I get a warm nostalgic feeling when I hear 7/4 Shoreline. Feel Good Lost is still on heavy rotation when I need to unwind. The members of the Canadian indie collective had some success with solo projects (Feist did okay for herself. Apple is still writing checks.) and now they are presenting their follow-up to 2005's self-titled LP.

So album art, tour dates, songs, and news came out on their new album Forgiveness Rock Record and the cover art predicts something epic and wonderful. Click the pic to hear a new track.

I have so much more to post but I gotta ride over to the East Side Crit and get ready to leave for Dominguez Hills Criterium tomorrow. Cheers.


Parisian Love. Search On.

I had the idea to post this immediately after I saw the ad yesterday. But ISO50 beat me to the punch haha. I give credit where credit is due. Google's first ever advertisement on the Super Bowl may have gone unnoticed in many sports bars and parties. I for one was akwardly watching the game at my father's house accompanied by my Step-Mom, Step-brother and token step-friends. It went unnoticed.

This slow and quiet ad was quite unique to the usual loud, abrasive, and not-so-funny commercials seen during commercial breaks. Google has been running with these commercials for a bit. The birth of Batman and two friends making a makeshift Christmas-light-SUV comes to mind. This story follows a guy who goes to Paris, takes some classes, falls in love, marries, and proceeds to marital bliss...all with the use of Google search engine. Life is like that.


Everything, Everything

It was raining and I should have been hunched over my computer with coffee, listening to American Analog Set. Instead I was jumping around my room with crazed 90's techno blaring through my speakers. I re-discovered Underworld and I must have listened to "Born Slippy (Nuxx)" a hundred times. The absolute perfect soundtrack for climbing hills in the rain!



01 30 10

ADT Velodrome will host Upgrade/Experience Builder Races this season for riders in Cat(-egory) 4/5. These races will fall on the last Saturday of every month. Nathan and I went out last Saturday to race. I took 3rd.

You Ruined It All

I've been on a metal kick lately. Exploring the deepest, darkest, and slowest spectrum of the genre. Terry West, a great friend of mine, started a blog dedicated to downer-psych-drone-noise-doom rock: You Ruined It All.
He is killing it! You must check it out!



Falsetto virtuoso Jónsi Birgisson fronts an Icelandic group Sigur Ros and on April 5th he will release his first solo record titled "Go". The album features his boyfriend Alex Somers and multi-instrumentalist Samuli Kosminen (Mum). Jónsi is known for singing in Icelandic or his own made-up language, most of Go features the vocalist using actual English words.

Alex and Jónsi also released an album last year, "Riceboy Sleeps", under the name: Jónsi and Alex. For the price of an e-mail address you can download a few of their track on their site. Strangely, Jonsi only makes one vocal appearance on this record but it is fantastic none the less.

Jónsi stopped by WNYC to perform a few songs from his upcoming release.
Listen HERE.