Hamilton Morris "Nzambi" part 6 of 6

For a high price, Hamilton procures a sample of the zombie powder and its mysterious antidote. He returns home to subject both to extensive chemical analysis

Hamilton Morris "Nzambi" part 5 of 6

Hamilton goes to meet a new bokor deep in the rice fields of Artibonite. To prove his strength, Hamilton takes a large dose of zombie powder and is rewarded with a peak inside a zombie’s shed.

Hamilton Morris "Nzambi" part 4 of 6

While waiting to consult another Bokor, Hamilton recruits Haitian guides to help him fetch the ingredients to create a zombie of his own.


Hamilton Morris "Nzambi" part 3 of 6

Hmilton's adventure get's dangerous and too real.

Hamilton is granted a meeting with the leader of the Bizangos, a Haitian secret society and beholder of the formula for zombification. Negotiations are made and a local Bokor agrees to create a nzambi—for a price.


Hamilton Morris "Nzambi" part 2 of 6

adventure continues...

Hamilton Morris "Nzambi"

Hamilton Morris gets high with Haitian Zombies.

This six-part documentary began airing this week on VBS. Part 1 aired yesterday and Part 2 of Nzambi debuts today.

In 1982, Harvard ethnobotanist Wade Davis traveled to Port-Au-Prince to investigate the ethno-biological base of the Haitian zombie. Davis left the island convinced that zombies were not fictional creations, but in fact real monsters that roamed the rural villages of Haiti. Inspired by Davis’ work, Hamilton traveled to the Haitian capital last year to conduct his own zombie investigation under the guidance of a man who survived fourteen bullets to the face.

In this short film Hamilton explores a countryside rife with voodoo culture, meeting sorcerers and collecting and self-applying samples of poisons associated with the local zombies.



MS 150 BIKE RIDE vol3

200 Miles in two days. Mesquite and back.

Like last year and the year before, I am entering in the MS 150 ride in November. It's a charity bike ride and I need to raise money to ride. I would be truly grateful for any sort of donation! It's a 200 mile bike ride over 2 days (Mesquite,NV and back) I am raising money for The Multiple Sclerosis Organization.



Daily Snap

The living is easy...


AMIINA "Puzzle"

Icelandic bliss...

Icelandic-cloud-string-experimental quartet, Amiina, released their second album, Puzzles, this week. Amiina merges avant-garde arrangements of violin, cello, ambient electronic noise, and blissful harmonies to create a sound that is both soothing and bold. The band spends a good part of their time touring with and backing up the other Icelandic power import Sigur Ros. With Jonsi on a North American tour and Sigur Ros on an indefinite hiatus, the group had a chance to follow up their 2007 debut, Kurr.

Preview // Listen // Download // Order their record at Amiina (dot) com. Watch a truly inspiring video by Vincent Moon, recorded in 2007 below...

amiina play Hilli, video by Vincent Moon from amiina on Vimeo.

MIU MIU Spring // Summer 2011

Paris Fashion Week, bringin' out that heat!

Check out the new Campaign, story, and other behind-the-scenes videos over at MIU MIU (dot) com.


M E G 6

Every song reminds me of you...and you are all I want.

I'm crushing on this one girl, real hard. This is actually the sixth virtualmixtape for Megan, only she has the full archive. Download, burn, and give it to someone who gives you butterflies. Tell them "...every song reminds me of you." Do it. I won't even ask for credit. Smile.

The Cinematic Orchestra La Ritournelle
Bonobo Kiara
Jaga Jazzist Day (Live)
Stan Getz Girl from Impanema
Iron & Wine Naked As We Came
Damien Rice Blower's Daughter
Jaymay Grey Or Blue
Goodbye Tomorrow Re:
Aqualung Strange and Beautiful (I'll Put A Spell On You)
How To Dress Well Ecstasy with Jojo
Letting Up Despite Great Faults In Steps
Cut Copy Time Stands Still
Phoenix Too Young



...only 18 more days.

My Dad and I are about to get our faces melted! So beyond stoked!

Far From Moscow

UCLA based blog // website dedicating to Western Europe music.

A colleague of mine, David MacFayden, e-mailed me to let me know about a website Far From Moscow that recently took flight. The site covers a wide variety of music from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and the Baltic. Most of these foreign bands only have distribution over seas, so this is the best way to find/buy/promote these +1200 bands. The video-archive section is vast and impressive, with promo videos from bands you have never heard of.

Dive into something you can not understand. Music is universal.