Ticket to Ride

Etiquette article from Rapha.cc

Cycling is a gentlemen's (and gentle-women's) sport. You have an instant comradery with a fellow cyclist on the road. We all share a similar story, face the same mountains, and gossip about shaving products. Over at the Rapha Blog is a very informative and humorous article about proper cycling etiquette. A simple wave or "Good morning." works just fine.





American Nightmare Reunion Shows

The year was 2003, I was at Warped Tour in Anaheim, wandering around aimlessly. I came acorss the Equal Visions tent. The merch guy commmented on my t-shirt and asked what kind of music I listened to. "Punk mostly!" I proudly pronounced. He looked over all the CD's on his table and quickly handed me Give Up the Ghost "" CD. He said I would really enjoy it and I should give it a shot.

That was my introduction to American Nightmare (Give Up the Ghost). I never really cared for the scene surrounding it, as I still don't. I'm only interested in the music.

So American Nightmare are getting back together for some late-December shows. I would consider going to the LA show if it wasn't so close to New Years Eve. It's still awesome that they are getting back together.


O'Keefe Architect

Mad props to my Dad.

My Dad, Oscar O'Keefe Architect told me a little while back that he was working on a small coffee and tea shop. He has a lot of projects going on, usually all at once. It wasn't until my friend, Jenner, told me he saw my Dad's advertisement on an open space near the UC, that I took notice. Right next to Cafe Rio (formerly Omelet House...RIP) is a small little soon-to-be shop space with my Dad's bright red and yellow sign on it. It's bigger than the actually store sign haha.

In a few weeks, Tea Time Cafe will be open. It's across from UNLV and walking distance from my house. They will serve boba tea, coffee, and other goodies. The owners are supposedly pretty cool. There is another location in deep North Las Vegas but this new location will fit in perfectly. This may be the new hangout or meetup spot. So be sure to check it out and admire the wonderful architecture crafted by my Dad. Props Dad, Props!



Haruki Murakami returns...today!

It's been a while since I dove into a Murakami book. That will change very soon. First released in 2009 to a sensational response in Japan, 1Q84 is making it's way to the states. To make sure nothing was lost in transaltion, Murakami worked closely with tranlator Jay Rubin for two years! A huge part of Murakami's charm is his way with words and making everything seem simple but omnious at the same time. Quiet broading and anxiousness is the Japanese way. The title of 1Q84 is taken to be a play on George Orwell's 1984 – the Japanese number nine having the same pronunciation as the letter Q – though others have also suggested the title is a tribute to The True Story of Ah Q, a novella by Chinese writer Lu Xun.

The taxi’s radio was tuned to a classical FM broadcast. Janáček’s Sinfonietta—probably not the ideal music to hear in a taxi caught in traffic. The middle-aged driver didn’t seem to be listening very closely, either. With his mouth clamped shut, he stared straight ahead at the endless line of cars stretching out on the elevated expressway, like a veteran fisherman standing in the bow of his boat, reading the ominous confluence of two currents. Aomame settled into the broad back seat, closed her eyes, and listened to the music...


Argon 18 vol2

new parts update.

Well it certainly feels like a whole new bike! The off season is the perfect time to experiment with different equipment and riding positions. First thing you may notice is my new PowerTap rear wheel. This is the game changer. I've heard it a dozen and a half times, "...if you're not training with power, you're just not training." so now it's game on. I scored the wheel from my friend Joe from HOC. This PowerTap SL+ hub laced to ZIPP 404 clincher responds flawlessly and looks sleek. Although it did take quite a while to get the hub changed from Shimano to Campy, it was well worth the wait.

I was trying out a used pair of Speedplay Zero pedals and cleats but took them off after a week of riding. Maybe if they were not used, (and at one time broken) the pedals might have been smoother and more comfortable. Though I did like the float it gave my foot, I didn't like how difficult it was to clip in and out. At times I wasn't sure if I was clipped in or not. Besides, I love the sound my Time RXS pedals make when you clip in (SNAP!) and I have never had any problems with them. I was just trying out options that were available to me.

Efficiency is everything.



Davye Hawk, aka Memory Tapes, spins an excellent mixtape.

Modular released 22 minutes of new Memory Tapes material. No words to describe this one, it has to be heard. Enjoy!

And a video from his most recent LP.


See you tomorrow...

Citizens of SF, you've been warned.


Yes, another social app.

What I like about the foursquare app is that it forces the user to be active and go places. It really helps keep track of where you have been and explore nearby places. Add me and suggest some places to check out...user : ryan okeefe


2012 NRC Announced

USA Cycling announced the NRC Crits for 2012.

It's always on my mind. Racing. USA Cycling announced the Nat'l Racing Calender for Criteriums. While most of these races don't affect me, it's good to see what races the pros will be at. Last year I did Relands Crit, Manhattan Beach, and Dana Point.

“Criterium racing is a discipline dominated by riders whose skill sets differ from those who dominate longer-format road races,” explains USA Cycling’s Managing Director of Events, Micah Rice. “We’re excited to give this uniquely American discipline, as well as its top competitors, a chance to shine on its own.”

Cavendish Premieres Rainbow Jersey


Vay Cay #2

Another week off...

I had barely become acclimated to the regular work week before it was time to take another week off. God, I love Prada. Having spent my last vacation week running around town for Interbike, it was nice to just lounge around; venturing out only for coffee and lunch.

I rode to Jean, NV and back which was very enjoyable. Alone with my thoughts and the sound of rubber to asphalt. It's such a surreal feeling to look around and not see the city you were riding through twenty minutes ago. That's the wonderful part about Las Vegas though, you only need to ride for a few miles before you are engulfed in desert and open roads.

Time to get back to work...


Lil Wayne Public Service Announcement


A lot has been going on in the world; Steve Jobs passing away, Occupy Wall Street protests, and constant riots in the Middle East. Luckily, we have Lil Wayne to keep us up to date on current events. He's obviously high on syrup but what would you expect from Atlanta's finest. Enjoy!