Well...I'm keeping my promise. 

Over the weekend I participated in the Multiple Sclerosis 150 charity event. I believe this is the seixth year I have done this event. This event is sort of a coming of age event as a cyclist. I first lined up at this event with a brakeless fixed gear with Vans. Now, I use the event as a regular winter base-mile day.

  I raised $500 so I got a sweet jersey
     Lots of food and goodies before I head out.
               The beverage tri-fecta with Mike in the background grubbin.



Attempting for make contact. Again. Maybe for Real.

I apologized a years ago.

And I did not keep contact.

A lot has been going on and I have been half-ass publishing it elsewhere. All the while, though, I thought about this blog. I started it yearsssss ago. For no one else but myself. I was not concerned about followers. I was not concerned about constantly worrying about if I'm breaking my Inernet-rule of not over-sharing; or better yet under sharing. Truth is I want to share everything that's going on in my life with this blog.

 So...maybe...perhaps...I suppose I can re-vamp this time capsule. I could spend hours re-writing everything that has happened in my year and a half absence. But I think I will just start from here and see how things go. There may be some new interests and adventures but just go with it.