APW Fest Vol2

You may remember All Points West Festival being the music festival in NY that I didn't go to last year. Well they posted the lineup for this year, and at first glance it's well...ehh...


Where the Wild Things Are....

Finally, I thought it was all make-believe.


cafe magic

Sigur Rós perform the title track from last year's Með suð í eyrum við spilum endalaust for La Blogotheque. Simply beautiful. Music and melodies like this could only be made in a country as equally inspiring and enchanting.



Nick and I rolled up Friday night. Saturday morning we rode up to the track, which was about .03 miles away from our hotel haha, and watched the time trial races. There were some beautifullll bikes out. Met up with Chuck and raced @ 3pm. Not as large a crowd as January's race, but still plenty of tough competition.

All n' all...great time. Chcuk and I got mad love from the announcer for coming all the wayyy from Vegas to race. He also asked where Danny Kam was?!?! They love watching him race, as do I. Chuck skipped his road race on Sunday to come mash the streets of LA/Hollywood/Sunset. Quick stop at Orange20 and then home...

Can't wait to race again next month, hopefully with a few surprises...
While riding around Sunset BLVD we passed the Elliott Smith wall. Strangely enough, I stumbled onto this great promo video for Elliott Smith, circa 1998. It's around 30mins but it is worth watching. Enjoy...


CRASS Interview

clic pic


not-so-weekly-update blog

Definitely been slackin lately. I've been in training mode for the past month or so. I've been posting all my miles on DAILY MILES [dot] com. My body feels like death, but in a good way. There's a race in LA in two weeks that I am prepping for. Anticipation!!

This will drop kick your soul. Excellent music to get me up those tough hills!

Aaron shot a great video of Critical Mass last Friday. Excellent song! Makes me smile every time. Look out for Max and I on the tandem!