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texting fiends

I started to type 'promise' and it automatically thought I was trying to write 'probably'. Close, but strangely appropriate. There should not be anymore of these electric- communication-relationships. Some people, in this day and age can make plans without uttering a single word. These are the products of my generation. Sad.



I was riding to the District in Green Valley to meet a guy who wanted to buy an old textbook I had posted on Craigslist. It's a good +25 mile ride from NuVision! I had just crushed through some heavy, stand-still traffic and was pretty tired; trackstanding at the light on Sunset and Las Vegas BLVD. The Green arrow errupted and I take off instantly. I'm in the drops and digging heavy down Sunset. A blue Altima (or something) rolls up really, really close to me and a guy sticks half his body out of the back passenger window and slaps me in the butt! What?!?

Kinda confused and kinda angry, I don't even bother trying to catch up to the car. A decision made on half fatigue and apathy. I laugh at the incident and let it pass through my mind. The wind is strong and seems to be going against me, no matter which direction I ride. I stop by the Post Office to catch my breathe, put on an extra pair of socks, and check my cell phone for the time. Alas, a text message!! A girl friend of mine texted, "U looked cute riding on the street. So my friend hit you in the butt. Hope he didnt scare u!"

Hell yeah!



The year has passed. the holiday season is over. Yesterday I came into work two hours early, just to have the sub-contractor indirectly tell me: he didn't do his job right. He will have to wait until Monday to complete his task. I have a greater respect and sympathy my Father, and all he has to put up with at work.

No matter; I walked the empty Strip in an ominous dawn to the nearest Starbucks. They had replaced their red holiday coffee cups with their standard white and kelly green design. Everything Must GO signs covered the once appropriate and festive ornaments. I guess that's when it struck me that the holidays were over. There wasn't a feeling of remorse nor a lose of geity; I just took it as a chance to breath. A quick window to catch up on everything I have been putting off -this entry for starters- and run errands long overdue.

in the workforce...LV2 #117 is now in operation! Long hours and a billion emails later made it happen. Twelve to fourteen hour days seem repetitious to me now. Forty hour work week seems like less of a chore and more of a pre-requisite. The store is not quite up to my standards, but a step in the right direction none the less.

in literature... Hunger by Knut Hamun.

in music...I stumbled upon a great little electronic duo from Mexico dubbed Prepare to Meet Thy Broom!!! They offer quirky remixes (or covers, as they say) to elctro/dance classics; as well as their own unique electro/pop/thrash tunes. Their glitchy remix of Thieves Like Us "Drugs in my body" is an instant classic in my book!

Listen for yourself...

Mad props to Missingtoof for keeping kids in the loop. They posted a few remixed by the Cool Kids a while back and they are insane! Big Ride Remix is my current myspace song. With a little bit of gold and a pager...fresh haircut, clean shave with a razorrr.

new years eve... oh yeah, I'm still recovering. Rode the once-in-a-lifetime deserted Strip with some great friends. Watched Brian and Kirk's band play. Drank whatever was handed to me. Danced until there was no one left.

I think that's everything on my mind.
end transmission...