Late May Transfer

I wrote "Late May Transfer" a couple time at work today, so that's what the post is called. Above is the May Mix from Belgium dancefloor destroyers Aeroplane. I'm sure Chcuk and I will be blasting to this track on the six hour drive to Bakersfield Elite Championships this weekend!


Beyond the Peloton #3

Johan takes victory in Paris-Roubaix.

A bit of a teary eyed moment, Johan, unsure if he is even able to race wins the most prestigious classics race. A true underdog episode...


Atlas Sound plays new song at ATP

Deerhunter's Bradford Cox, under his Atlas Sound moniker, played at ATP last weekend. And during his set, Cox, accompanied by a dancing woman, debuted a new song, the eight-minute strummer "Cherry Incognito", which he introduced as concerning "nuclear mounds".

Going WiFi

This is pretty cute...

After stealing spotty Internet for the past few months Meg and I decided to just go ahead and get our own wireless internet for the house. And that girl surprised me with the very cute and clever wireless IP name...<3
Sorry, all I can talk about right now is OFWGKTA.

Punk is dead but these nine kids are saving rebellious music. Picked up Goblin yesterday, and it lived up to the hype. Most important record of 2011, IMO!


I know I'm late on posting this but I promise I am going to catch you up on everything.

You found it.

Above the fog of Twin Peaks.
All out under the Geary overpass.
Heading out over the Golden Gate Bridge.
Blasting all the lights from 24th to Market.
Taking it through the trees in Golden Gate Park.
Clipped in on the Embarcadero.
Crushing through the Tenderloin.

The gateway.

MASH is born from friends, hard riding, and a love of Bay Area streets, roads, and trails. Testing the limits of track machines on hills and in the human congestion. MASH has grown up around a core of young cyclists now ascending as multi-disciplinary athletes. Dirt in the winter, road in race season, and a fixed drive train every day.

The gateway now has a front door. We are here to provide an access point, a space to gather up friends, and a support system for all things bike. Keep coming back for more.

MASH San Francisco

773 14th Street
SF CA 94114


Tyler, the Creator "GOBLIN"


“Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All are a 10-deep hip-hop collective. But don’t dare call them the new Wu-Tang Clan. They insist they’re different. The collective features rappers, producers, visual artists, skate kids, contrarians, outcasts, amoral teenagers, and fatherless children. Their de facto leader is a 19-year-old who calls himself Tyler, the Creator AKA Ace Creator. He is a rapper-producer. His album, Bastard, is among the most stunning things released in the past 12 months. He possesses a charred, viscous groan of a voice; sometimes he manipulates the frequency to make it even deeper and darker.” - Pitchfork