Took top 20th in the very wet and cold CBR #2

Megan and I went to LA this past weekend. She came to watch me race and then go with me to IKEA. It was good getting away for the day. We ate some excellent Japanese food, shopped til we dropped in IKEA, ventured to Melrose for some vintage clothes shopping and Mexican food, and danced to the hoodinternet in my car.

The 2011 season is starting off pretty good. I've learned a lot since last season and hope to make some stronger finishes in the bigger races soon. This weekend is the Callville Bay Classic.


SpiderTech 2011

Team Spidertech gets UCI Professional Continental certification.

Canada is a breeding ground for hockey players. With a sport that demands high speeds, intense muscle power, and suffering; it only seems fitting to try and recruit these athletes to cycling. That’s exactly what Steve Bauer did. Team Spidertech are now poised to leave for Europe and make their way back to the states for a few small tours. The 12 man team will ride Argon 18 Gallium Pros and E-114 for Time Trials.

I started following this team when I first got my Argon 18 and am glad to see their quick rise to success. While Spidertech is a young team they hope to make a name for themselves in the Pro peloton. “By 2013 we hope to reach World Tour status and be invited to race at the Tour de France”. Their race calendar says a few riders will be at Tour of Murrieta and San Dimas Stage Race and I will be there for support!


Happy V-Day

This is called Transmission.

Stop Motion performance of Joy Division playing "Transimission" on Something Else in 1979. This is the indie equivalent of The Beatles playing on the Ed Sullivan Show.

Hope everyone is having a great Valentine's Day. Tomorrow Megan and I are going to grab some dinner at Cosmo then check out Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Cheers to love <3


Miu Miu Women's Tales

The first short film from the Miu Miu Women's Tales series: The Powder Room.

Zoe Cassavetes (Broken English) is the first filmmaker to be announced with The Powder Room, an enchanting and dramatic short film set in London’s Claridges hotel. As its name suggests, the piece takes us into an ultra-feminine environment where gestures between women are traded in a ritual of opulent beauty. In this world Cassavetes uses the romantic codes of the powder room to mirror the beauty and luxury of the Miu Miu universe.

You can watch the short film, behind the scenes, interviews from the director and acctresses over at Miu Miu.com


MOGWAI "Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will"

Mogwai returns with easily the greatest album title ever!

The latest album from Scottish post-rock kings, Mogwai, is out February 15 via Sub Pop. The perfect post-Valentine's Day gift for that special someone. You can check out a remix of album cut "How to Be a Werewolf" in the video below, director Antony Crook's short film Thirty Century Man, which is not the documentary about Scott Walker. The film follows champion cyclist James Bowthorpe through the Norwegian countryside.


So just to get this straght, this post is about Mogwai, cycling, andNorway? This is easily my greatest post ever! You're welcome.


Boulevard RR and Red Trolley Criterium

Weekend of racing in San Diego...

Saturday morning brought Austin, Nathan, and I to the very remote city of Boulevard, CA. Which is about an hour outside of San Diego and a few minutes from the Mexican American border. The Boulevard RR was a 55 mile road race with 3700 feet of climbing. I took 23rd out of 100.

Sunday brought Austin, Nathan, and I to the heart of San Diego for the Red Trolley Criterium. My legs were pretty heavy from the previous race so I wasn't drilling it too hard. There was a little kicker before the long, long finishing sprint. The cat4 group was unorganized and a few crashes left some injured riders. I managed to stay away from the wreckage and take a respective 24th out of 75.


Rapha SS 2011


Getting Ready from RAPHA.

Sometimes the preperation to go out on a ride can be more ritualistic than riding. Rapha once said, there is no such thing as poor riding weather, only poor riding attire.