Ohh Dharma virtualmixtape07

Pantha du Prince "Stick to my side"
Four Tet "Love Cry"
How To Dress Well "Ready For The World (Twins Remix)"
Sigur Ros "Illgressi (The Jeans Remix)"
Salem "Night King"
Rusko "Hold On (featuring Amber Coffman)"
Chris Curry "Alright"
Underworld "Two Months Off"
Drake "Karaoke"

I've been sitting on this playlist for some time now. Can't believe my last one was in early April. My bad. This playlist is a little bit all over the place, but then again, so am I. It starts off with some electronic-chill-wave then some dark-lo-fi-drag then turns into a raging dance party; followed by one of my favorite Drake tracks. Perfect mix for roadtripping to LA, riding bikes in the dark, or just sitting reading Vice. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I love your mix tapes and music recommendations. Keep them coming!

ham on ryan said...

Thank you! Keep your ears open!