Inst-Book cleanse

Recently deleted my Facebook and Instagram. I love you and am doing fine!

This was a long time coming. Over the past few years I turned into a less frequent user of Facebook and Instagram. I recently came to the decision to deactivate both social media platforms.

My decision is not political. Ironically, I own shares of Facebook (& they are treating me nicely.) After a while, enough is enough.

I want to have real life experiences for myself, without having it qualitatively approved (Liked) by friends and casual acquaintances. The internet provides the perfect backdrop to create a false facade of ourselves. But life is not always perfectly filtered all the time. Real life can be hell and real life can be amazing. I want to feel life. I want to experience life. What I do not want: is to worry if it is worthy of ______ amount of likes. I'm sick of searching for quantitative approval.

Maybe it's my own fault. Maybe I should have just deleted certain friends or acquaintances I met at a party five years ago. I just don't have the time for that. FB and IG just brought more negatives than positives in my life. And believe me, I searched for both. I do love setting mile markers in my life and posting memories. But Facebook is not that for me anymore. It turned into people complaining, sharing poorly investigated/one-sided news articles and content that I saw on Reddit two days prior.

I hope my decision sparks others to have the conversation with themselves and decide if a life attached to others is worth it.

To quote Dinosaur Jr. "you are so occupied with what other people are occupied with."


wwwwiiiipppe out

had a bit of a tumble.

I was just riding along the Santa Ana River Trail, when I hit a wet patch on a corner and face planted. The next thing I fully remember is riding my bike home. I vaguely remember getting up, and vaguely remember someone helping me to my feet and telling me to call someone to pick me up.

My front wheel washed out so I fell at a really weird angle. I face planted. Chipped two teeth. Lost consciousness for a few seconds.

I went to the Urgent Care where they bandaged me up. Once I told them I lost consciousness for a small amount of time, or rather- I don't remember if I did or not, that was enough for them to send me to the ER in a cab. In the ER they examined my head, took x-rays of my jaw, then sent me home to rest for a few days.

The following day, I went to the dentist to get my teeth fixed. Once my lips and gums heeled I was ready to get my teeth capped. BOOM new teeth!

I got back on the bike today and it felt great. Im going to Mallorca in a few weeks and am starting winter training shortly. Good things to come!


Getting out of my comfort zone

I have this terrible habit of getting out of contact with a friend and waiting way too long to reconnect. It's usually in the back of my head to talk to that person but I feel like I have dug a hole too deep to fill it in with a 5min conversation. I wouldn't know where to start anyways.

A lot has happened in a year, or actually the past three months.
1. I quit my job.
After 5yrs working for Miu Miu I decided to resign and take some time to re-evaluate life. I hadn't saved a ton of money. There was no once I saved xxx amount of dollars, then I can comfortably live for xxx amount of time plan. It was more of a vague, Yeah, I have enough and I will figure it out scenario. I quit my job without having anything lined up. This goes against everything I was taught in my youth from parents, teachers, friends, etc. but strangely enough it was my mom who gave me the courage to make the jump. I would call her on my lunch breaks and complain and complain about my boss, disorganized corporate office, and how I was going INTO work already stressed out. "That is no way to live your life." my mom would constantly tell me.

So I did it. Gave a month and a half notice and left. I chose to rather not have a job, not have any income than to work for Miu Miu. That speaks volumes. A lot of people don't have the courage to break out of their comfort zone.

2. Took some time off
I spent a lot of time in California with Jonathan Redic. He was in the same boat as me. He just got wise a few months earlier. BUT two weeks to the day after i left I got a job offer from, what would otherwise be a dream job, from Aria. I got the call as I was walking to Jonathan's house in Redondo Beach, CA. We had just finished up an amazing bike ride on the coast and we talked a lot about life; and a lot about me moving to California.

I said yes to the job, but immediately regretted it once I hung up the phone. I had to be back in Vegas the next day to sign papers. I drove back in complete silence. No music. Just me and my thoughts: trying to figure out my next move. Do I take the job and stay in Vegas where it is easy, comfortable, and cheap or do I move to California and start over.

3. Turn down the job and liquidate my life.
I go through the motions with Aria but the day after I signed the job offer I call them to withdraw the offer. The next day it was decided. I was going to move to Costa Mesa.

In the interim, I took some time to relax. I woke up, watched cycling races in Europe, rode my bike around 9 or 10am, made lunch, watched Netflix, and just enjoyed life. I realized something. I have always had a job since I was 15.5yrs old. Since I was old enough to legally work, I worked. So it was hard getting used to this new found freedom. But I think I did okay.

I knew I was leaving soon so I made a honest effort to speak with as many as I could, and say Goodbye.

4. I moved to Costa Mesa!
I wanted to make a lateral move as far as employment goes. I know that if I wanted to continue working in luxury retail, it was either Beverly Hills or Costa Mesa. The thought of driving in LA gives me nightmares. I weighed my options and decided that Costa Mesa better fit my personality. Besides, i knew that a Celine store was opening in South Coast Plaza so that was enough of a reason for me.

So I am writing to you from beautiful and sunny Costa Mesa, California. I found a roommate. Left some stuff in storage in Las Vegas. Told a few friends I was leaving. And that was that.

All of this was in the span of about three months. I left my job April 1st and on June 1st I signed a lease for an apartment. Things are slowly coming together and I am proud of what I have accomplished. The story continues though....things are happening...and I am not done making waves.

A lot of people don't have the courage to break out of their comfort zone. I'm glad I made the jump.



Oh just living that island lyfe.

I took a week off my bike after a really tough weekend of racing. My coach and I agreed that it was time to rest up after months and months of racing and training. The days were spend sleeping in (8am is sleeping in haha...), drinking a lot of coffee, watching movies after work, and seeing friends. Cycling takes so much out of you. The bicycle is a jealous and demanding mistress. But all the while I missed the pain dearly. I missed the sound of tyres hitting asphalt and the calm of seeing the world from a bicycle. But before I headed back into training mode for Cascade Classic, I joined a few of my (non-racing) friends for our Handsome Boy Cycling Club ride.

I remember seeing photos of Lachlan Morton riding through the Australian Outback with his brother. He was wearing bibs and a Hawaiian T-Shirt. It looked amazing. It said so much! You could not help but smile. It's like the mullet of cycling apparel- the delicate (or absurd) balance between business and pleasure. It showed a lighter and fun side to cycling. Too often I see people staring down at their computer trying to beat a Strava segment. We get so wrapped up in training that we forget why we ride bikes in the first place.

The inagural Hawaiian Shirt ride was a success and the most fun I have had on a bike in a long time. No Garmin, No Rules....

Currently packing for a weekend trip to Austin, TX to see my sister. Actually, I'm basically done. It takes me like 5 minutes to pack for a non-cycling-realted trip. Late.


not-so-weekly update post

Notes from the road


I'm sitting in a hotel in Tehachapi, CA. I just got out of a much-needed ice bath after a mind-melting hot road race in Bakersfield. My teammates are going to watch ATOC (Tour of California) tomorrow and I am going to hit up a crit in downtown Bakersfield.

It's almost time to take a rest.
I've been racing almost every weekend for the past few months. The road races in SoCal are coming to a close so I will have to look elsewhere for some road races. My form feels good but I just feel exhausted. The weather is about to heat up.

After that I will start training for Cascade Classic Stage Race in Bend, OR...

Here is a song I have been jamming on for the past few days....


CA/NV State Champ Race Report (Elite 3)

I was pretty bummed out to learn that the state champ road race was not going to be at the Devil's Punchbowl course like originally announced earlier in the year. I really like that course and hope they don't can it all together. After looking at the course map I learned that we actually rode this route during our training camp. The Elite 3 race was going to be 54 miles with 6000ft of climbing. 

Shackley, Addison, and I drove down the day before to re-con the roads and terrain. We were all a bit outspoken and concerned with the races being shortened by a lap for each category, but that quickly changed once we pre-rode the course. Basically, if you are not climbing up a hill, you are going down one. No flat sections. The course starts off with two climbs, a long-ish descent into a valley, a slight gradual incline to the turn around, and back again. The decisive climb was going to be coming back out of the valley, which then follows a 9% grade finish! 

 Having done a reconnaissance ride, we all felt more comfortable going into our races. Addi and I raced the Elite 3's. The race started with a very big field and from the gun a rider took off but doesn't get more than a minute gap on the field. I always do my best to stay on Addi's wheel, or near him, since he is always up front. This proved to be difficult later on. It's not until the incline inside the valley that the pace turns from tempo to race pace. We make the turnaround and make our way out of the valley. On this climb (which is about ~15min) we catch the lone rider and continue race-pace up the hill. 

 On our way to the finishing climb of the first lap, I drop back a few wheels, sit up, and clean my sunglasses. I then realize that I'm at the very back of the group and the field had been completely split in two! Whoa. The rest of the group realizes this after we turnaround at the top and see the gap. The pace continues... 

Attacks take off but are brought back immediately. It became clear that no one was going to allow anyone to get away. The group was just going to have to tear people off on the climbs. Some Monster Media Jr riders get up front and set tempo and slowly peel riders off the group on the steady incline towards the turnaround. Oh, I forgot to mention that it was very windy and with the valley road twisting and turning, drafting was quite difficult. 

The pace really ramps up on the long climb and I bounce from wheel to wheel trying not to get gapped off the back. I dug deep but detached from the group. Addison managed to stay with the front group but I wanted to be up there with him. On the small ascent in between the two climbs, three riders and myself form a chase group. The front group was not far but the climbs and the pace made catching them tough. Finally, after some tough pulls, we latch onto the front group just before the final climb. 

The final climb starts and I wait. I watch a few riders make a move and then pull the plug immediately. The %9 grade is much harder this time. I drop into my small ring and try to launch behind a strong wheel. I dig for the line and cross in 13th place with the shredded group. I buried myself in the hills on Castaic...


First Listen : Tycho "Awake" on NPR

Tycho's new album is being streamed on NPR

I've been a fan and following Tycho/Iso50/Scott Hansen since the birth of this blog. In fact, I think it was while I was under the influence of "Past is Prologue" that I actually decided to start this blog...back in 2007. A lot has happened and changed since then. Not only for me, but for Tycho as well. They have earned fans all around the world and I could not be happier.

Please click photo to be taken to the First Listen of "Awake".


Valley of Fire SR 2014

Actual conversation I had with my body after the Pro1/2/3 Crit.

Body - hey Ryan

Me - Yeah whats up?

Body - WTF was that?!

Me - What was what?

Body - WTF did you just put us through?!

Me - Oh, sorry guys, I forgot to tell you that we were going to do a P123 Crit. I wasn’t sure how fast it was going to be. And hey, I know you guys are feeling kinda tired and sick but I would like to thank you, especially my legs, for hanging in there. The team really appreciates it.

Body - Well, sorry bro, we are shutting down. Call us in a few days,

Me - What if I promise to rest on Sunday and get a massage on Monday?

Body - Ehh…

Me - …and I will reward you guys with pizza on Sunday night. Even though you guys are protesting on Sunday, even though I put you guys through three weeks of travel and racing, and even though everything hurts : I’m still really proud of what I accomplished. I could have easily gone and done the cat 3/4 race and done well, I chose to do the Pro1/2/3 race knowing full well it would be hell. So thanks.

Body - Welcome, I guess, whatever. We will be back to working in a few days.

I got a few weeks to rest until State Champs. Them Tour de Sol is after that. That conversation above is no joke, I am in a lot of pain. I had back pains the week leading into VOF and then caught a cold; probably from the rainy time trial on Friday. Well, that's racing. Back to training...


Race Updates @iamryanokeefe

Get race and training updates from myself on Twitter.

I know I said I would never get a Twitter. I've always believed in the fine balance between under and over sharing on the Internet : and I lean more to the later. But I think I can justify it if I only use it for race updates.

So, do not expect any, "waiting in line @sbux. #FML" or anything like that!

Follow - @iamryanokeefe


Valley of the Sun SR 2014

Took 19th GC in Elite 3

Valley of the Sun Stage Race is a good season opener. Located in the brutally hot and dry city of Phoenix, AZ, racers over there are in pretty good form early on. Allegiant Air Cycling had eight riders go down in different categories. Friday was a simple but punishing Time Trial, Saturday was a long Road Race, and Sunday's crit was in the rutted streets of downtown PHX.

I took 19th in my first time trial with a proper time trial bike and I think if I actually spend some time on it I will do better. Nineteenth is pretty much where I stayed for the remainder of the stage race.

On Saturday, Addison and I set out to get one of us in a breakaway. After two tempo laps we got up front and started hammering out hard efforts. We each took turns attacking until finally Addison got away with a few riders. He proceeded to stay away and finish second - while I chilled in the pack and made sure the tempo never got too hot or close to the break.

Sunday's crit was crazy fast. One thing I've learned about Cat 3 crits is: from the whistle it's fucking ON! Not only was the pace super fast, the road was really torn up on the backside. I cased my wheel a few times, lost my bottle on a rough section, and lost positions trying to find a line that wasn't land-mined.

VOS was great fun with the team. We all stayed in a host house together. We lounged around after races and ate a bunch of food together. That's what racing is all about. Having fun with your friends and burying yourself on the road.

Valley of Fire Stage Race in Overton, NV is this weekend...


How I spent my late November Vay Cay

According to my phone.

I had a week of vacation days left that I needed to take. My coach decided I should treat the week like a cycling training camp program. He said get some long hours on the bike, after that, ride your bike. I got a solid 20hours in for the week. My TT bike was also completed and I got a chance to get on that for a few good rides. I'm planning on making Time Trailing a new focus for next season. I plan on hitting stage races harder and maybe even skipping some less than great Criteriums for Time Trial Events. I also got a chance to give some old rides a revisit and experimented with some new routes. Sometimes I'm amazed as to how much solid riding can be done, once you get out of the city.
Panarama view of the descent into Callville Bay. You can see the water from the top of the hill.
Red Rock is very peaceful on weekdays. There aren't any cyclist traffic jams and Strava nerds out.



Well...I'm keeping my promise. 

Over the weekend I participated in the Multiple Sclerosis 150 charity event. I believe this is the seixth year I have done this event. This event is sort of a coming of age event as a cyclist. I first lined up at this event with a brakeless fixed gear with Vans. Now, I use the event as a regular winter base-mile day.

  I raised $500 so I got a sweet jersey
     Lots of food and goodies before I head out.
               The beverage tri-fecta with Mike in the background grubbin.



Attempting for make contact. Again. Maybe for Real.

I apologized a years ago.

And I did not keep contact.

A lot has been going on and I have been half-ass publishing it elsewhere. All the while, though, I thought about this blog. I started it yearsssss ago. For no one else but myself. I was not concerned about followers. I was not concerned about constantly worrying about if I'm breaking my Inernet-rule of not over-sharing; or better yet under sharing. Truth is I want to share everything that's going on in my life with this blog.

 So...maybe...perhaps...I suppose I can re-vamp this time capsule. I could spend hours re-writing everything that has happened in my year and a half absence. But I think I will just start from here and see how things go. There may be some new interests and adventures but just go with it.


Where to start…Let me first apologize for the lack of excitement on here. I promise you the inactivity does not directly reflect my life. A lot has been going on. I’ve been trying to think of the right post to return back to. Do I write about the Tour de France starting next week? Or about how I sold my car? Or about how I am about to buy a new car? Maybe I could write about my race season. Or maybe I could talk about all the music festivals I am going to this summer. Oh, and Joe and Saskia from HOC are getting married, I couldn’t mention that. I did climb Mt Charelston on my bike last weekend, I guess I could talk about that too. How about we just get started and see how many posts go up…

Location:Attempting to make blog contact...


I'm alive

I feel it's time to break the silence on here...