San Francisco and crash

okay...well...i finally bought an external hard-drive for my laptop, freed up some space, and uploaded the pictures from my San Francisco adventure. A lot has happened since I returned from Sf. see post below. but I think it's appropriate to post something about the trip. It was the best time i had ever had in the city. The weather, the food, the buildings, the people, and the friends were all top notch. I honestly can't wait to go back: next time with our bikes.

Brett and I tore up the town. rage hard and sleep harder.

...as if there wasn't enough to talk about, I go and run my bike and face into a car windshield. the windshield lost. It was bound to happen and luckily I walked away with only a few scars, ER trip, and a ticket for not having brakes on my bike. This was the only picture taken from the event, but it says it all. Keep your head up!


Eric from El Salvador

I love when friends can tell when something is bothering you, or something is out of sorts, or your shadow has become half full, or you are trying to hide something from everyone: but no matter how hard you try to hide it...they know. No mask is ever good enough.

Friends that allow you to make mistakes are essential. Sure, they can force their own life experience down your throat, but the ones that provide enough support and wisdom to help you carry on is something great. I think it takes great patience and heart. I love friends like these. I have a few. I love them unconditionally.

i first met Eric last summer outside of American Apparel. Bicycles were our common ground, of course. And when he came into town to ride and hang out, he fit in perfectly. Everyone knows him as if he were a permanent fixture to the Vegas cycling community. Check out Eric's blog HERE!

More later...it's 4am.


who needs tire clearance??

Bryan Novelo did some damage to his Bridgestone this weekend. Dana Point, CA has some funky hills. Luckily, no one has hurt and his whip is back in fine riding condition!