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This has definitely been my hotel year.

Last week I spent a few days in Texas. My sister, Olivia, is going to start living and going to school in Austin and my family decided to drive her down. I wasn't going to let them have all the fun so I hopped on board. I forgot how long that drive is, flying back just seemed like a smart option. I don't think I could have handled another 24 hours on the road.

It was great to get a drastic change in scenery, eat some authentic Tex-Mex food, check out Lance Armstrong's bike shop, and see old friends. We visited my Aunt, Uncle, and Godmother: pretty much the only extended family that I talk to and care about. I'm so excited for Olivia to branch out and do here own thing and I can not wait to get back. Tour de Austin starts in September and I am going to try my best to make it out.

RUSKO "Hold On"

Rusko "Hold On (featuring Amber Coffman from Dirty Projectors)"


Cavendish and Haussler crash in Switzerland

Mark Cavendish...letting the world know how far carbon fiber bends.

Besides being the fastest man in the world. it looks like Mark Cavendish is getting into quantum physics. He is obviously trying to smash his body through the asphalt, taking himself and his bike, into another dimension. Probably into a world of smooth roads, rolling hills, and the infinite summer.

Even after crashing mid-sprint, going at least 35+ mph and with God-knows how many watts of power, Cavendish is still optimistic about Tour de France. Two weeks is more than enough time. Last year he won 6 stage races but lost the green jersey to the Norwegian powerhouse, Thor Hushovd. Cavendish has an awesome team behind him this year and he hopes to go home with a green jersey....maybe even yellow.

Article here...

SLEEP to Reunite

Doom-metal Gods SLEEP reunite for a few dates.

Sleep is the essential stoner-guitar-metal band. Not since Cream has a trio sounded so full. Their soul-moving wall of sound was a breathe of fresh air back when everyone was trying to get the grossest, muddy-est (Grunge) sound. After splitting in 1997, Guitarist Matt Pike went on to lead High on Fire, and the rhythm section of Al Cisneros and Chris Hakius became the slow-creeping duo Om. Both equally phenomenal bands but getting the act together is something special. There is talk of an album too.

Sleep "Dragonaut" takes heavy back to the days of Black Sabbath. This certainly set the tone for the new wave of stoner rock.


Pioneer Pure Malt Speakers

Made from old whiskey barrel wood.

Must have...link


Shoreditch London

Next getaway?

East London's finest member's club. Props to we_heart.


FIFA 2010

This case is legit and ballin outta control.

Plan on catching a few games of the World Cup at Crown and Anchor with friends.



The news report recommended that I stay indoors.

MIU MIU has been treating me rather well. We get routine visits from MIU MIU and PRADA Corp seeing as they are building the new Prada store across the hall.

I took a few weeks off of racing. My body just needed a rest and summer is here. Time to get those miles in before the sun gets up. You would figure after all these years I would get used to and expect the heat, but the temperature in Las Vegas still amazes me. Shit's dangerous.

Next week I will be racing in Long Beach. The weekend after that is a quick get away to Austin, TX. Haven't seen my hometown in a while.

Here's what I have been seeing...

Duffle Bag Hunting

Currently on the market for a new "Weekend" duffle bag.

Considering that I have spent the last five weekends in LA, I think proper luggage is in order. Don't get me wrong, my American Apparel Weekender Bag is awesome but it does have some miles on it. A lot of miles... 

Mulholland definitely caught my eye...

Lanvin has some interesting new ideas...

Lexdray...tactical and practical.

Give me your suggestions....



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