Nu Kit Day!

NuVision 2010 Fall/Winter kit

The new NuVision kits look so good with my flt. green grip tape!

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia vol2

Hamilton Morris goes to Iceland Fashion Week...kinda

This is a particularly older article and I remember reading it way back. His piece even made the cover. A bit more fear and loathing than his usual adventurous journalism, but good fun non the less. Vice flies Morris to Iceland for their "fashion week" where despondent boredom kicks in and makes for some good mushroom hunting expeditions. Enjoy!

How To Dress Well 7"

"We can share this ecstasy..."

Waited impatiently for this to arrive. Absolutely brilliant. Proper LP comes out next week. Don't sleep on it, this is going to be one of the best records of the year. Transparent blog wrote, This is potent, seductive and completely absorbing modern pop music that understands the truth of how human experience occurs – never in clarity but overwhelmingly, intensely, in conflict. Submit yourself to it.

1. Ecstasy with Jojo
2. Take It On



MASH Drag Race vol3

It's that time of year again...


Last year was pretty good. This time around I am unsure if I can check out all the races and convention booths, but I'm going to do my best. Sometimes life comes up out of nowhere..



Fall/Winter line is out.

I had a hard time sleeping last Thursday night because I knew when I woke up Friday morning, I would see the new Rapha winter line. Rapha always saves their best products for this time of year; and understandably so. I love riding in the winter. It gives me an excuse to bust out all my Rapha gear! My whole wardrobe is prepared for fall come to think of it.

This training/fall/winter season sees new arrivals in City Riding, harsh Winter Riding, Paul Smith X Rapha collaboration, more Women's products, new styles and colors in the Cylo-cross line, and a yet to be announced Skin Care line. I have a couple things bookmarked and saved on my account. My birthday is coming up...


Hamilton's Pharmacopeia

Hamilton Morris interviews chemist Alexander Shulgin.

Hamilton Morris is my favorite writer and contributor to Vice Magazine and VBS.tv.

He spends his time writing about his adventures with obscure psychedelic drugs around the world. In the Sapo Diaries,, he ventured deep into the Amazon to find the Sapo frog, a hallucinogenic tree frog, that's venom was used by villagers and tribe members as a form of LSD. On another occasion, he went to Haiti to find a real zombie...or a Nzambi.

I was hoping to see the conclusion to the Haitian zombie episode but was excited to see this episode come to life. I remember reading the article in the Austin Airport and was blown away by Hamilton's vast knowledge of the chemistry behind the psychedelics he took. It's refreshing to see someone so passionate about something so insanely beautiful. Please watch and enjoy!


Ohh Dharma virtualmixtape08

Summer is coming to a close. These tracks should help ease the transition from mind-melting to mind-blowing weather. This virtualmixtape is for and inspired by Vincent Campillo! Have fun in SF, see you really soon!
Photo props go out to Aaron Garcia, of course!

Ce Ce Peniston "Finally 2008 (The Kam Denny & Paul Zala Remix)"
Rusko "Raver's Spesh"
Afghan Raiders "If Only"
Local Natives "Eyes Wide (Fool's Gold Remix)"
Ra Ra Riot "Boy (RAC Mix)"
Cee Lo Green "Champain"
Quasimoto "Low Class Conspiracy"
The Cool Kids "Good Afternoon (Prod. The Productionix)"
Matthew Dear "Soil to Seed"
Matthew Dear "Slowdance (Bear In Heaven Remix)"
Teen Daze "Savoir"
Active Child "When Your Love Is Safe (Classixx Remix)"


Texas is the Reason / The Promise Ring EP

Jade Tree's finest from 1996.

I was digging through 45's and 7's at new Zia when I came across a gem. Only two dollars in the used bargain bin, the employees obviously didn't know what they had on their hands. Enjoy!

1. The Promise Ring - E. Texas Ave
2. Texas Is The Reason - Blue Boy