It will be mine...

I need $150. Maybe more if some shark decides to outbid me for this super, super, rare Pam Todd & the Love Exchange Let's Get Together LP. I've been getting into 70's disco and dance music lately.

I would love to put a link to one of their songs but I can't find one anywhere...but I promise you, it's funky.

edit Can't Hold This Feeling


Summertime reads...

Two summers ago, I sat in my backyard and read The Wind-Up Bird Choronicles by Haruki Murakami. On my days off, I would sit in the soft grass, shaded by the tallest tree in my Mother's yard. I moved only to adjust my position away from the sun and get water. What a great summer that was.

Well I'm back at it, reading After Dark, sitting in my own lawn now. The astrofurf isn't as comfortable but it's nice to have a little spot of my own. Murakami is an amazing Japanese author, easily my favorite. When I read his works it's hard to stop. At times, it feels as if the story is going along without me: and I can't let that happen.


12 hours in COACHELLA

Purely spontaneous and exciting road trip. Stephany called Friday and asked if I wanted to drive to Coachella the next day. I thought about, and said 'Why not.' We were going to drive back to Vegas the same night so we would be home by Sunday morning. I don't know how it was possible but it was hotter there than in Vegas. Stephany's car thermometer read 100 degrees!!! Jesus!! But we got there at a pretty good time so we missed most the the heat...

The artwork and structures this year were top-notch...

THE QUAD CUBATRON was particularly impressive...

The Sahara stage hosted most the electronic/DJ sets. We were here most of the time dancing our asses off. THE BLOODY BEETROOTS was probably my favorite performance. Sooo much energy!!

I was kinda bummed to be missing out on RECORD STORE DAY but to my immediate surprise Zia had a tent with a fully operational record store inside! Fcukin technology!

All in all, it was an amazing night! With the right lineup I would highly consider going all three days. Not sure if I could do the camping thing, I get cranky if I go more than a day without a shower. So hotelroom or renting out a house sounds better.


the M.A.D. band

Meg and Dia. It's been a long time since I heard from them. We go wayy back. They played at our first show when I was in that one band in high school. Ohh the days...

Glad they are still at it. Sounds beautiful. I have talented friends.


all work, no play...

I've been burning that midnight oil. Working 12 hour days. I haven't been riding as much as I want to, but my wallet will thank me.

I miss the refrigerator magic trick. The one were you open the door, take a quick look, and find fresh new groceries. That trickery hasn't came to be since I moved. Oh well, I'm not complaining, just ranting, just thinking.

still waiting....


Record Nerd

This was actually a pretty fun and extensive project! Took me two and a half hours! I never realized how many records I actually owned. I need wayyy more storage space. They are overflowing onto the floor, side of my bed, and under my desk. Some of them were inherited from my father, along with his record player and receiver from the 70's. I have many fond memories of going record shopping with my Dad when I was young. I told him I wanted to start collecting vintage records and maybe even DJ. He would join me and tell me about the bands he listened to and saw when he was my age. I suppose I have him to thank for my music knowledge. Feel free to take a look and maybe even offer some suggestions...