San Marcos Pro Criterium Race

Took 19th in the super fast and dicey San Marcos Crit.

First off, mad props to Saskia for the photos.

It was great seeing Joe and Saskia (from HOC) this weekend. I rolled down to San Marcos for a little bike race and road trip action. Chcuk, Karim, and I blasted techno the whole way down. Chcuk drives wayy too fast, but I love it. We watched the final stage of Tour de France and raced our separate races on Sunday. This was my second cat4 race and I felt really good. I was mid-pack most of the race but got a bit held up on the final lap. Each race I learn something new and I know what I need to work on. I'm not planning on doing any races in August; seeing as the season is winding down. I could really use a break.


Deerhunter "Halcyon Digest"

New album announced as well as DIY promotion.

Deerhunter is hands down my favorite band. Anything Bradford Cox touches is gold. The psych-indie-pop rockers from Athens,GA are set to release their new LP strangely titled "Halycon Digest" (I'm nearly positive we will never get a proper explanation for the name) out on 4AD Records September 28th.

Want to hear some of the new tracks? Will that might cost you a little work / adventure / vandalism...

Go to their album devoted page HalyconDigest [dot] com, print it out the poster, put it up anywhere, take a picture, email it to flyers@halycondigest [dot] com, and retrieve your reward! One is sitting pretty on our fridge and once I get proper time and nightlight I will post them around town. Ohh, this takes me back to when I used to put up my show flyers around Maryland Prkwy in the early 00's. Thank you Deerhunter for taking back the streets!


Kid Meets Cougar Needs Your Help

Help my awesome friends make awesome shows!


RIP Harvey Pekar

Do yourself a favor and learn about a true underdog hero.


How To Dress Well


I'm completely over-obsessed with these guys. It's an odd combination of things really, with a silent-thud kick-drum pulse, hazzy snyth body, and wide-eyed voice of restless melancholy. The mood is tense but calming, as if the protagonist is feeling the exhaustion from real heartbreak in every song. Everything they have ever made is on their blog for free. A proper 7" (Ready For The World) will be released on July 20th, but you can pre-order it on their blog (like yours truly). HTDW

I Never Let Myself to Pieces from Yours Truly on Vimeo.


Altered Zones

Hazzy-blur-experimental-drag-pop blog up and running fast...

Pitchfork.com is my homepage, it's my go to source for all indie music news and culture. They have always followed exceptional artists and introduced me to new ones. They seem to be on the pulse of the music world at large. Pitchfork and I seem to also share an interest in the more obscure and darker spectrum of pop.

Yesterday, Pitchfork helped launch a new sister site called ALTERED ZONES. With only a few days under their belt I am already at maximum capacity in amazement. Truly overwhelming. It's more of a collective of bloggers/sites (a few I was already following) now they all seem to network and share in the same space. Do yourself a favor and dive into something new...

Tour de France 2010

Tour de France is now.

It's that time of year again. I love waking up in the morning and following the tour before work. I normally only have enough time to watch it just a few kilos before the finish. I ride to work and read the recap. Four stages in and so far Pettachi has won two stages and Fabian Canchellara continues to show why he is the ultimate Olympic and World Champion. My boy mark Cavendish killed it today. Next year, next year...

In order, my favorite weeks of the year:
1. Tour de France
3. Interbike


Chris Nemmo "The Nautilus Project"

Smooth-progressive-jazz-house-funk perfection

Chris Curry (aka DJ Roccanova) and I met up last night for some drinks at Downtown Cocktail Room. It seems to be our spot. The smooth and slow electro-house music fits the ambiance of the room and the drinks are always on point. Super chill.

The first thing he said to me was that I had to check out this album he found, "It's pretty much everything good in music you want to hear." Well he wasn't kidding...this album is very, very good. It's perfect for staying home and working on little creative art projects, composing blog posts, driving late at night way to fast, or just laying on your bed and zoning out. This gives a soundtrack to nearly any adventure.

This album jumps around a lot but seamlessly flows from genre to genre. At times I feel like I'm listening to a more polished Eric Prdyz cut and the next track will feel like some new Groove Armada jam. There are horns, hand claps, heavy bass, and killer synth lines! I don't know where he finds all these amazing records, but I'm sure glad he did.



Ohh Dharma virtualmixtape07

Pantha du Prince "Stick to my side"
Four Tet "Love Cry"
How To Dress Well "Ready For The World (Twins Remix)"
Sigur Ros "Illgressi (The Jeans Remix)"
Salem "Night King"
Rusko "Hold On (featuring Amber Coffman)"
Chris Curry "Alright"
Underworld "Two Months Off"
Drake "Karaoke"

I've been sitting on this playlist for some time now. Can't believe my last one was in early April. My bad. This playlist is a little bit all over the place, but then again, so am I. It starts off with some electronic-chill-wave then some dark-lo-fi-drag then turns into a raging dance party; followed by one of my favorite Drake tracks. Perfect mix for roadtripping to LA, riding bikes in the dark, or just sitting reading Vice. Enjoy.


Tour de Austin

Really want to do this...the racer looks like a 70's highway cop.