Sorta like a dream, isn't it...no better.

I was writing about these guys a month ago, talking about how they are set to come out with a new album. Well I guess they are calling it quits. Their response is they couldn't make a proper follow up to their beautiful debut EP.

Air France represented a fun time in my life. I'm happy that they provided the soundtrack.


Garrett Chow, newest Rapha model.

This is Garrett Chow. He is a bad ass. He rides bikes fast, runs MASH and designs cool bikes. He's wearing the Rapha S/S Long Sleeve Gingham Shirt. I need more clothes I can ride in that aren't lycra. It's now been added to my wish list.


Redlands Criterium

Took 12th in the kamikaze crash fest.

I'm very happy with my result and particularly happy I didn't crash. There were 6 different crashes, taking a few riders down in each! But the Redlands Crit is a sketchy course. I knew that from the year before when I took 17th. The first turn is a 45degree turn and someone went down on the second lap in that corner. I did my best to stay out of the wind, keep an inside line, and keep myself up front. That all changed when there was a really bad crash and the race had to be neutralized. Greg from NuVision went down during that crash. No one really knew when we were to start racing again so the field got bottled up.

Finally with five laps to go I started making my way up. Three laps to go, I'm in single file with the leaders. I have the Le Rois boys in sight, which is what I wanted. They seemed to stay out of trouble until... Two laps to go, two riders cross wheels up front and a few people take off with one lap to go. I quickly follow. I push hard and wait to go into the final turn ready for the uphill sprint. Out of the turn, I wait and then launch. I manage to only pass one person but finished with the main pack that dodged the final crash. Sure enough two riders crash at the line. Fuck dude. I don't think I have written the word "crash" that much before haha. Finished 12th.

I also realized mid-race that I forgot to press start on my garmin. (facepalm) which is whatever because I didn't have my powertap on. Well on to training and Tour de Sol in St. George, UT. After yesterday's finish I'm feeling good. This has been my best result so far. I'm going to try and keep this positive momentum going.



Put a big checkmark on my bucket list...I saw Radiohead.

Megan got me tickets to Radiohead as a Christmas present. Three months flew by and it was time to take the boring drive to Phoenix, AZ. After a quick dinner and pre-game drinks we were finally in our seats to see Radiohead!

They opened with "Bloom", the first track off their new album King of Limbs. The second Thom Yorke's voice echoed over the layers of guitars and drums I knew I was in for a treat. The place went into a frenzy. Everyone got out of their seats and grooved uncontrollably so a greatest hits set list. They played a lot of deep cuts, by which I mean, not the singles. While they did not stray far from "Weird Fishes" and "15steps", they also ventured into songs I forgot they had in the arsenal. Airbag was a track that had everyone screaming from the first note.

We were seated far back enough to see they whole crowd but close enough to see Thom's signature muppet-like dance moves. He is such an infectious front man. He had everyone in his control. Radiohead have gotten a bit more political in the past few years. They made a huge statement by not playing in the US while George Bush was in office (hence Hail to the Thief). They have also made a conscious effort to use alternative-fuel tour buses and lower watt LCD blubs for their live show. Thom did make an interesting statement about politicians wearing makeup. It came out of nowhere and by itself; no explanation just throwing it out there. It didn't seem to matter because the audience went crazy when they went into "Lotus Flower" after that.

In all, they played for 2 1/2 hours and went through 26 songs. Quite a set! I was bummed they didn't play more from OK Computer, although they did close with "Paranoid Android". Before launching into that classic, Thom Yorke said, "We have a suprise for everyone."

The show ended too soon. I wish they would have played for five hours. I'm positive everyone in that stadium would have stayed that long too. It's stil sort of surreal when I say to myself that I saw them. I've been waiting to see Radiohead since the first time I heard them in 8th grade. I feel like I can die happy now. Until next time Mr. Yorke...

Spot-On Games

Austin-based media/game company on the rise.

My buddy Kris Miller ventured to Austin to work on a new multimedia-game company called Chances Media. With one app and a SXSW Tech presentation under their belt, they are taking pledges to keep it going. After their angel investor pulled out for family reasons, they are now turning to family, friends, and friends of friends. Chances Media has already experiences recognition in local business journals. The app (Spot-On) is continuing to grow in popularity and a new word game is in the beta phase.

Austin is like the new Silicon Valley. Everyone is working for or with a new media start-up coming. There's a very good reason why SXSW is held there every year. So it's the right place, right time; now we just need to get our ducks in a row.

You can pledge and learn more about Spot-On Games and Chances Media here...


Milan - San Remo

Simon Gerrans (GreenEdge) take the sprint over Fabian

It seemed like a repeat of last years Paris-Roubaix, Fabian Cancellara makes a winning move and no one would pull. Fabian dragged Gerrans and Nabali to the final km and Gerrans sprints around Fabian and inches him at the line! Fabian Cancellara is a machine right now and it's going to be interesting how he takes this momentum and strength to the next few classics races.

Turn the volume down before you watch this...just a warning haha


Thee Oh Sees



Marni is the latest high-end fashion house to collab with H&M.

Like Versace, Lanvin, and Jimmy Choo, Marni is the next big name in fashion to do a collaborative collection with H&M. The collection comes out tomorrow (March 8th) at selected H&M's and goes online worldwide the day after (March 9th). The young, Californian, summer-time campaign video was directed by miss Sofia Coppalla. If you live in Las Vegas, go to the Forum Shops at 8am for first dibs.


Di2 vs EPS

The ever evolving discussion over groupo supremacy.

Article HERE