2009: A Year in Review

+I gave my heart
-She gave it back
+I rode my bike

See you in the '10


hours > miles


Sunny Sunday Track Day

Finally getting comfortable on the track. Working on getting some good base training during the off season. There's no better way to spend a Sunday than to drive out to LA with Ian and Danny. Collection of photos from past trips...


TOP 50 RECORDS of 2009

Here it is, My Top 50 Records of 2009. Enjoy.

1. Dirty Projectors “ Bitte Orca”
2. Grizzly Bear “Veckatimest”
3. Animal Collective “Merriweather Post Pavilion”
4. Atlas Sound “Logos”
5. Pains of Being Pure at Heart “Pains of Being Pure At Heart”
6. Phoenix “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix”
7. Fuck Buttons “Tarot Sport”
8. Neon Indian “ Psychic Chasms”
9. BibĂ­o “Ambivalence Avenue”
10. Lotus Plaza “The Floodlight Collective”
11. Destroyer “Bay of Pigs EP”
12. Cold Cave “Love Come Close LP/Death Come Close EP”
13. Air “Love 2”
14. Shark Speed “Sea Sick Music”
15. Delorean “Ayrton Sienna EP”
16. Nosaj Thing “Drift”
17. Burial / Four Tet Slip “Wolf Cub & Moth”
18. Lamb of God “The Wrath”
19. Deerhunter “Rainwater Cassette Exchange”
20. Dinosaur Jr. “Farm”
21. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “It's Blitz!”
22. Converge “Axe to Fall”
23. Volcano Choir “Unmap”
24. Russian Circles “Geneva”
25. Memory Tapes “Seek Magic”
26. Riceboy Sleeps “Riceboy Sleeps”
27. Girls “Album”
28. Andrew Bird “Noble Beast”
29. Mark Kozelek “Lost Verses LIVE”
30. Raekwon “Only Built for Cuban Linx II”
31. Kurt Vile “Childish Prodigy”
32. DOOM “Born Into This”
33. Polvo “In Prisim”
34. Built to Spill “There Is No Enemy”
35. Discovery “LP”
36. The Clientele “Bonfires on the Heath”
37. Dizzee Rascal “Tongue n’ Cheek”
38. NO AGE “ Losing Feeling”
39. Wilco “Wilco”
40. Royksopp “Junior”
41. Monsters of Folk “Monsters of Folk”
42. The Dodos “Time To Die”
43. Lightning Bolt “Earthly Delights”
44. CFCF “Continent”
45. Kings of Convenience “Declaration on Dependence”
46. Basement jaxx “Scars”
47. Jookabox “Dead Zone Boys”
48. Simian Mobile Disco “Temporary Pleasures”
49. Six Organs of Admittance “Luminous Night”
50. YACHT “See Mystery Lights”



New Bike Day Vol 2. Time to step my game up. I'm now entering the world of road cycling. Special thanks to Danny Kam @ NuVision Cyclery, Matthew, and MASH for collaborating and making this bike happen.

2010 Argon 18 Krypton.
HM Carbon Fiber frameset, Campagnolo Athena 11 groupo, Fulcrum 7 race wheels...specs

I rode around downtown and let Aaron do his thing...set here


It's all about moving units.

I had heard a brief tidbit about this on NPR but it looks like the Federal Trade Commission are forcing disclosures when bloggers review something they got for free. Not a super big deal but you can understand how some people would flip...

Beginning today, bloggers, Twitterers, and others who write online reviews or endorse products using new media must disclose it when they receive free merchandise or payment for writing about an item. The guidelines update the FTC’s 1980 guide addressing the use of testimonials in advertising, remapping marketing rules for the digital realm, where it’s hard to know if the exclamatory musings of fashion hounds and best-disposable-diaper posts by suburban moms are inspired by a great product or a free product.

Full article...boston [dot] com


i am twenty two

In the spirit of every birthday post (i am 20 and i am 21) I will title this one similarly. Strange to think I have had this blog going for this long...

I tried to go to LA today for track training, but I guess everyone else decided too as well. The Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday is a crazy one. Traffic pushed our destination-arrival-time further and further back. So Danny, Ian, and I flipped around and enjoyed a lazy sunny Sunday. A decent amount of riding was put on this week, but my birthday/turkey day week was a bit too hectic to really push it. It's a sign of the pace to come for the rest of the year.

Sigur Ros 'Frozen Sea 7LP box-set' is keeping me in a good winter mood.

I had my birthday @ Downtown Lounge, with birthday twin Bianca. photo cred goes to Aaron Garcia


Ladies and Gentlemen...

Graham Vittum. Artist, cyclist, friend.

I really want this piece...



Hallelujah... Hallelujah...


TYCHO Coastal Brake 12"

Tycho is an superb musician and artist. His ambient-trip-hop-electroinca music is beyond words. Sounds and bleeps blend and melt into each other until it builds into a frantic crescendo. Absolutely perfect soundtrack for late-night bike rides or quiet reading sessions. I've turned quite a few friends onto this wonderful sound, it's nice to have a connotation with something so positive and moving.

When he's not setting the mood with his music, his alter-ego ISO50 creates prints/shirts/artwork that reflects his sound: the two platforms flow together perfectly. I've purchased two of his prints and they are the center piece for my room. The frame company I brought it to nearly flipped when they saw his work. I came back with his CD and they agreed: it fits.

Three years after his last full-length and two years after his last EP, Tycho his back with a new 12". Only 1000 copies will be made and the first 50 will be signed and numbered. Pre-order it.

ISO50 Prints...


not-so-weekly-update post

I skipped my evening class to hang out with Danny Kam at Starbucks. I got a black coffee. We talked about all sorts of crazy things: art, coffee, cycling, wine, school, and all things awesome. I am all for breaking routines. It makes my days exciting. On the way home I put my legs on autopilot and let my mind wander. Quirky tangents, rants, vents, and ideas were flowing with my smooth cadence...

Little projects and ideas keep my head busy at night. I'm slowly putting together my TOP 50 RECORDS OF 2009 List. Unless something mind blowing comes out of nowhere it's a close toss up for record of the year: Dirty Projectors, Grizzly Bear, Fuck Buttons and Animal Collective. We shall see how that pans out.

Concerts for this month: Leonard Cohen, Converge, Jim Ward (Sparta, ATDI, Streetcar)

Also working on getting my NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS in place. I did a pretty good job sticking with mine this year. No more drinking soda, stepping my game up in cycling, and collecting more records. Easy enough...

Don't let the city you are in determine who you are, take everything in and create your own perfect harmony. I feel I could be happy anywhere. I'm just ecstatic for every day I get and the people I get to share it with.




vibrant guitar-cloud-pych-rock

There is no sleep to be had over at the Deerhunter/Lotus Plaza/Atlas Sound camp! I can relate but they are slightly more productive.

Atlas Sound (Bradford Cox) is set to release his second full length LP Logos October 20th. It's turning into quite a chore to archive all of his demos and projects but I am not complaining. He is set to do a small tour of the states with The Broadcast and The Selmanaries. I'm going to try and plan out a trip to see him in LA.

LOTUS PLAZA: Live @ Eyedrum, ATL Sept 22, 2009
43:00 min 59.3 G



I am entering in the MS 150 ride in November. It's a charity bike ride and I need to raise money to ride. I would be truly grateful for any sort of donation! It's a 150+ mile bike ride over 2 days (Mesquite,NV and back) I am raising money for The Multiple Sclerosis Organization.

Donate HERE



Interbike Week is over. breathe.

My heart was at full capacity all week long. It was wonderful seeing old friends and making new ones. Nick and his friends rode from Boise, ID to Vegas in 6 days!! Bryan Novelo flew down from SF to play a show, ride bikes, drink margaritas, and warm my heart. At times, I wish I could be at two, or three places at once. Interbike is always a whirlwind of smiles and bikes.

All my training really paid off last Wednesday. I took 1st overall in this year's MASH DRAG RACE! This year was a series of three races: Sprint/Drag race, Alleycat, and Roller race. I did well in all three, but was completely surprised when Garrett announced my name out for first. Drea and I tied in points for first, so and I had to race once more for the title. I spun as hard as I could and came out on top. It was wonderful having all my friend's around me, cheering me on! I was on top of the world.

I plan on buying a road bike with my winnings. Time to step my game up...again.


Ohh Dharma virtualmixtape03

Been blogging like I'm trying to save the world with every post. This playlist is for a girl. The hard copy of this mixtape is wonderful. and creative. and wonderfully creative.

01 Nite Jewel "What Did She Say"
02 School of Seven Bells "Half Asleep"
03 Au Revoir Simone "Another Likely Story (Neon Indian Remix)"
04 Life Aquatic "Ping Island/Lightning"
05 Friendly Fires "Paris (Aeroplane Remix feat. Au Revoir Simone)"
06 AmpLive "Weird Fishez"
07 Miami Horror "Make You Mine"
08 Friendly Fires "Skeleton Boy (Air France Remix)"
09 Small Black "Despicable Dogs (Washed Out Remix)"
10 Cold Cave "The Trees Grew Emotions and Died"
11 Volcano "Africa Just Wants to have Fun"

mad photo cred to Aaron Garcia per usual. Miss you dear friend!



Interbike Expo/Convention...Wed-Fri...races...parties...friends...bikes...bikes. Legs, don't fail me now!







Influential indie-rock ensemble Pavement will reunite early next year. According to a source close to the band, Pavement is planning a reunion show in New York City's Central Park SummerStage on September 21, 2010. Pavement originally announced its decision to split up in 2000.

Time to mark my calender and take Stephany up on her offer to visit NYC.

Thank you Pitchfork.com


Sunny Day Sunday

I decided to bail early Saturday night and wake up early for a long bike ride.

When I got up to Summerlin I ran into Ian. We were both pretty stoked to run into each other and cruise around. We both tackled the Red Rock Loop and the surrounding Summerlin area.

I was pretty tired on the way back and I was letting my mind bounce from thought to thought, as I often do my best thinking while I ride. The quick thought of getting a flat came to mind: how I havent had one in weeks and weeks. And then BAM, flat tire! No worries, but...I grabbed the wrong size tube, bummer. I got a flat about three or four blocks away from my house so I just walked the rest of it. As I passed the Convention Center I guy in a white pickup walked out toward me.

"Clincher or tubular?" he asks.

I was completely taken aback from this stranger's knowledge of bicycle wheels. After the shock I answered,"Clincher."

He pulled out a few tubes from his back seat. I said thanks but they wouldn't work. The valves were too small. When he noticed this he smiled and said sorry.

"Well do you need a ride home?" he asked.
"Huh, I'm okay." I responded.
"C'mon. Let me help out a fellow cyclist."
"Right on! Thanks!"

As it turns out he is an avid cyclist/triathlete who rides around Red Rock and races often. We talked about bikes for a few blocks and he turned out to be a really cool guy. I thanked him for the ride and told him maybe we will ride together soon.

few daily snaps...


The Cat Piano

Nick Cave (The Bad Seeds) narrates the latest short film from The People's Republic of Animation. I'm happy art is life.


Destroyer 'Bay of Pigs EP'

Listen, I've been drinking...

As if you would expect anything less than superb from Dan Bejar. There's a special place in my heart for Destroyer. When Bejar is not fronting Canadian indie rock supergroup The New Pornographers he is diligently working on his solo work.

When I first discovered 'Trouble In Dreams' last year, it became the soundtrack to many happy and not-so-happy months. Artists never know when they truly move someone, a certain experience or person can make the most mediocre music seem mind-blowing and inspiring. But when you mix fantastic music with wonderful memories, it's magic.

This two track EP is a sneak peek at the sound (...hopefully) to come from future Destroyer records. The first track is certainly new ground for Bajar, he dabbles in a sort of electronic...dare I say...disco feel on this one. Nearly five minutes go by the first track with minimalistic bleeps, Dejar's voice, and ambient fuzz, but once the band kicks in, everything clicks. The record is twenty minutes of ambient-drone-pop, filled with his usual alcoholism, girl-name-calling, and sarcastic-bouncy bop-chorus lines.

mp3_ Destroyer 'Bay of Pigs'