RIP THURSDAY (1997-2011)

New Jersey kings, Thursday, split after 13 years on the road.

I can remember sitting in my room listening to Thursday's "Full Collapse" record and thinking to myself; this is a turning point in my life. Thursday was more than a band to me. For me, they opened the doors to indie, post-rock, hardcore and just the idea of listening to music that wasn't from MTV. Full Collapse represents such an eye opening time in my life. They taught me to listen and not just hear. The way they layered guitar riffs over eachother and the way the rythum section swayed and grooved and then abruptly lost all control was completely new and exciting. When I first listened to Thursday in 8th grade my musical spectrum didn't completely change, it expanded.

Thursday taught teenage musicians everywhere to slow down their playing and make something melodic. Thousands of bands followed and tried to mimic the sonic they worked so hard to create but I always preffered the pioneers.

In a statement..."We haven't had any falling out and are all still close. I'm sure that we will continue to create, in some capacity, together. We've talked about turning Thursday into something else: a non-profit, a band that only records sporadically, a collection of other projects ... Underneath it all, the personal circumstances involved make it impossible to continue Thursday in the spirit that has made it special. So, we stop. For now, at least."

There will never be another Thursday. Sure you can mimic the sound and capture that passion but what that band gave to me can never be recreated.

And here's the song that changed it all...


Vay-Cay part 3

Enjoying my time off.

Im on vacation again! I've got a small list of errands I need to do but I am taking this week to rest. Everything is excellent. Inventory went perfect! That's two Inventories in a row! Corporate said they have never seen a cleaner stock. A huge applause goes out to the whole Miu Miu team!


not-so-weekly update post

Trying to fly to the moon with two magnets and will power.

Came by to pop my head in and give you the 'what's up' before I have to get back to work. It's been crisis mode at work this week. The Internet, phones, and SAP all went down last weekend! And with Inventory coming up this weekend, everyone was scrambling to get things together in time. I set up shop over at Prada CC and continued to work from there. Prada IT concluded that our router was the issue and a new one had to be sent Priority First Overnight. Of course it didn't work but after 4 1/2 hours of taking apart the router piece by piece and back and forth phone calls to IT Dept in New York, it worked!

As if that wasn't enough to worry about, the MS150 ride is also this Saturday. Which means...I have to ride +100 miles, take a nap, eat, go to work for Inventory, get off around 2am, take another nap, then get up for the second (60 mile) ride for MS. The light at the end of the tunnel is that, after this weekend I start another week of vacation!! I will most likely stay in town, running errands, and eating brunch at Bouchon with Megan!

Oh and my birthday is November 24th, which happens to fall on Thanksgiving this year!