Sunday = Funday

breakfast, bikes, downtown, kisses, coffee, world market center, photos...

I got new wheels for the Argon. Like always, I let Aaron do his thing.

Don Kenn

There's something rotten in Denmark...

Don Kenn lives in Denmark. He write and directs a television show for kids. On his free time he opens a window to another world...on post-its. Check out his blog.

Ry-Ry-Ryding MIX vol3

Vince, Afghan Raiders, is at it again...
I was still jammin' on his second mix, when he hit me up saying he had another one for me. I promise I am working on one for you Vince!

Mr. Vincent Campillo is heading for his new home in SF tomorrow morning. I'm going to miss him so much. He is such a genuine guy, and I feel truly blessed to have him as a friend. You should also befriend him anyway possible, via internet or in person.

Get on this mixtape, don't get caught sleepin...click the pic


Goodbye Summer

We had our moments, but I think we should take a break. Ohh and tell Autumn to come over here.

This is the best representation of the past few months. Cheers Washed Out.


Anarchy, Peace, and Litigated

VICE interviews Penny and Steve Ignorant from CRASS.

Are you hip to what I'm sayin?

Put some John Coltrane up in my headphones...

Last night was ruckus. I tried to recall all the drinks I had last night but that got too exhausting. Woke up late but made the most out of it. Record City and Zia with Terry, coffee breaks with Ashley, and free-jazz chill sesh at my house. I picked up a John Coltrane record.

I've been listening to modern-classical-free-jazz all day. A perfect remedy for hangovers. Anything from Blue Note Records or early Atlantic is on point. Most jazz artists have such long careers and extensive discography that sometimes you don't know what you are getting into. Their style could bend and tweek as years go on. They may collaborate with another artists and their sound changes. But you can never go wrong with the classics. I'm thinking of throwing a quick jazz mixtape together but sadly (or luckily) all my best jazz is on vinyl. Get hip to this cat...


Ry-Ry-Ryding MIX vol2

from Vincent (Afghan Raiders) with love...

Me - "Hey, Vince! I have a story for you."
Vince - "Let's hear it."
Me - "You're awesome! The End."
Vince - "That's the greatest story ever haha!"

Gold Panda "You"
Here We Go Magic "Collector"
Sister Crayon "(In) Reverse"
Phantogram "When I'm Small"
Sleigh Bells "Run The Heart"
Tobacco "Fresh Hex (Feat. Beck)"
WEAVE! "Mouthpiece Hysteria"
Geneva Jacuzzi "Do I Sad?"
Blackbird Blackbird "Hawaii"
The Shocking Pinks "This Aching Deal"
Best Coast "When I'm With You"
Ty Segall "Caesar"
Harlem "Someday Soon"
Wavves "Super Soaker"
Tame Impala "Vital Signs"
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti "Bright Lit Blue Skies"


Donalrey in NYC

My buddy Donalrey moved to Queens about a year ago. Prolly likes his bike. I sold him those handlebars.

BIKE CHECK 212 | 01 DONALREY from cycleangelo on Vimeo.

Night Of The Perseids

O'KEEFE Architect

Mad props to my Dad for steeping his internet game up!

My Dad, Oscar O'Keefe, has been in the commercial and residential architect game for decades now. You may have even driven by a few of his projects. The glory of such a profession often goes unnoticed. There are beautiful things all around us, but most people don't take the time to notice.

I used to love going to all his job sites as a kid. I suppose I was raised to look at buildings differently. With a deep admiration for daring design and practical function.

My dad has a Website // Portfolio up and running now. From there you can find contact info, bio, and past projects he has done. I actually remember some of these, and even remember taking those photos. He's currently living back and forth between Las Vegas and San Antonio. My life goal is to have him design my house.


RIP Crime In Stereo



Animal Collective film