KLAXONS "Flashover"

Three years is like forever, in the music world it's an infinity.

After being told to re-record their entire record, the Klaxons finally came out with a new single. It's been three long years since the UK spazz-nu-dance-rockers Klaxons released "Myths of the Near Future". Has it really been that long? Yes, it has!

Their single "Flashover" is loud, noisy, and full of all those nostalgic Klaxon moments. I will remain optimistic over the future of the album and I'm going to keep my hears open for a Crystal Castles remix...in the near future.


Michael Rogers FTW

Aussie defeats three-time-native Champion Levi.

Props to the Columbia HighRoad Team. I was reppin' their kit tonight. I tried to catch the final stage of the Amgen Tour of California but our schedules were conflicting.

Maybe next year I will race it...

Starlight + Magic

Music from your FUTURE PAST.

Riding bikes has introduced me to some very interesting characters. One of my favorite being a crazy black man from Michigan named Michael Davis-Yates (MDY).

Remy the Restless and MDY would throw awesome parties at the Beauty Bar when I was much too young to get in. With a mix of Swedish-Tech-House and MDY's insane knowledge of 70's-Soul; they provided a unique twist to Downtown Vegas Nightlife. MDY moved to Portland with a handful of Vegas friends a few years back.

Here is what he is into now. "Music outta your future dreams duh..."
S T A R L I G H T and M A G I C


ATLAS SOUND "Attic Lights"

I was almost late to work because I had to finish watching this video. Twice.


Tour of California started yesterday and Mark Cavendish took the win for Stage 1.

Mad props goes to Cavendish. I was a little scared when I saw Tom Boonen went down, but that man is unbreakable.
I think I will be racing in Brea this weekend so I might try to catch one of the stages before I head home. It's truly humbling watching the Pros do their thing.

Follow the TOC here, here, or here.


Laptop Z O M B I E

"It's starting. Super'oober minimal music blog."

Chris Curry (aka DJ Roccanova) is setting it off with a new Progressive-Deep-House blog LAPTOPZombie. If I know Curry like I know Curry it's going to be ill.


Harvey Milk "A Small Turn of Human Kindness"

When did Stereogum get a face-lift? I need to check my bookmarks more often.

Well...props go out to NPR, yet again, for posting the new Harvey Milk record "A Small Turn of Human Kindness" due out this month. The sludge-noise rock band from Athens, GA return with an album that takes them back to their heavy roots. Not to say that they ever went soft...oh no, not for a second... but this album seems darker, dare I say doom-ier, than their 2009 release "Life...the Best Game In Town". They take their time to build up momentum and then stop suddenly, adding that extra feeling of anxiety and pleasure. While you can never take their lyrics or melody to seriously, you can not help but bang your head against your keyboard when the wall of guitars kicks in.

Stream full album or individual tracks [at] NPR . org

Howard Hughes Stage Race


sippin on that hater-ade

I posted last year, that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)  would start cracking down on mp3-sharing based blogs. I've noticed their presents on a couple blogs and it looks like they have me on their radar. Bummer....I will deal with this later.

Tom Ford

I would consider selling all my bikes for a full Tom Ford suit.


fun times in SD