MIU MIU Las Vegas article in WWD

Rezwan, from the Miu Miu NY 57th Street, emailed me something awesome today...

Fashion magazine // website WWD did a piece on the new, west coast addition to Miu Miu/Prada. We've yet to be open for a full week and we are already getting press and rave reviews! Prada City Center is already in early construction phases and is set to open around mid-June. Expect the Italians to pull out all the stops for this two-story masterpiece.

typo: We are the sixth Miu Miu store in the U.S. The Honolulu store is considered Pacific/Japanese market.



I have honestly bought albums just because their cover looks like a Phil Ashcroft piece.

"The unknown is a space at once fascinating and fearful by mankind’s technological advances and the romantic notion that there still lies undiscovered elements to the world in which we live. A derelict hospital, oil depots, nuclear power stations, the abominable snowman; collectively these semi-surreal settings and cartoon-like motifs appear as mysterious manifestations, phenomena both real and imagined." link.


Cheese People

Greetings from Russia!
Gleb Lisichkin, an independent music promoter from Moscow, e-mailed me saying he was a fan of my blog. Many thanks Gleb! Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I think there is a 14 hour time difference or something crazy like that.

Gleb wrote me to inform me of a band causing quite a buzz in Russia. He sent me the files, website, and info on Cheese People. The Cheese People are a female-fronted four-piece based in the city of Samara. From first listen I get a Datarock or New Young Pony Club-vibe; very fun and super catchy electro-punk! They are set to properly release their debut this year in Russia, Japan, Western Europe, and US.

::Download:: rar, 320 kbps

01. Stroitel
02. Ua-A-A!
03. Catch U
04. Boombaster
05. Moon
06. Wake Up
07. O-Djaz
08. Tibet+6++
09. Down & Down
10. Open My Eyes
11. Eats Your Popcorn
12. I Hate This Sound
13. Ua-A-A! (Gari remix)


busyyy bee....

Apologies for my silence on here, I have had plenty of things keeping me busy. Below might give you a hint....


life according to my camera...vol2

Race season is in full swing. I have turned into a road warrior, I've got the LA to Vegas drive down to a science. My weeks are dedicated around figuring out where I am racing, how I am getting there, and where I am staying.
Each trip is an adventure...



If you find yourself in East Village New York City, stop by MATSUKADO.
Formerly known as Togoshi, I spent countless dinners there with friends and family. They are like my second family. They packed up last summer and headed back East. I miss them dearly but recently got to see Stephany again. I helped here pack up some things and she promised me a place to stay and all the ramen noodles I can eat. They seemed to have wooed the New York Times. Much love...


R.I.P. Jorge Alvarado

This one hits a bit close to home. I don't think I ever met Jorge but I am very close to the LeGrange Pro 1/2 Team. This morning LeGrange posted that Bahati Foundation, former LeGrange, racer Jorge Alvarado passed away. Full story HERE...


LUDGF "Our Younger Noise"

I posted a Letting Up Despite Great Faults song on a mixtape and have had a few friends ask about them. LUDGF are having a pretty exciting year so far: SXSW showcase, US Tour, and release of their debut album.

LUDGF released a music video for their single "Our Younger Noise". This bouncy-poppy song layers catchy blurry-snyth-lines with quick ticking drum samples that build and build into a beautiful crescendo. You can not help but tap your foot along or simply crack a smile. This lovey-dovey music video reminds me of Vegas summer nights. The season is right around the corner. Enjoy!


Echo Chamber: Grizzly Bear's Ed Droste

Tour de Flanders 2010

Fabian Cancellara, Saxo Bank, wins his first Tour de Flanders!!

Cancellara and hometown favorite, Tom Boonen, broke away from the pack and could not be caught. Fabian turned on the jets on the famous Molenberg and time-trialed his way to a solo victory.

Paris Roubaix is next Sunday...


"Go" streaming....

I've been driving my car a bit more lately. With a bent fork on my commuter bike and more hectic schedule I've been forced to get behind the wheel. I frequently listen to NPR, and purposely stayed in my driveway to finish this episode.

NPR did a segment on Jonsi and played a lot of tracks from his debut solo album, "GO". Beirut meets a faster, more orchestrated Sigur Ros.

streaming live now...


Ohh Dharma virtualmixtape06

New playlist//soundtrack for my excessive Vegas to LA trips. Perfect mix of old and new jams for highway living. Just add the sound of wind...

Mylo "Sunworshipper"
Caribou Odessa (Nite Jewel Remix)"
Treasure Fingers "Cross the Dancefloor"
Delorean "Stay Close"
Twin Brother "Unknown"
Wilco "Impossible Germany"
The Weakerthans "Aside"
Maritime "Parade of Punk Rock T-Shirts"
Limbeck "Honk+Wave"
Jim Ward "My Town"
Earthless "Cherry Red"

photo taken from an interesting article about Kurt Manchild