things to be excited about...

there are many but here is one...


Wipe Out!

I've been living off of Cliff bars and water lately...bare-bones. I leave for Seattle the day after tomorrow. I will be hanging out for a week, giving my legs a much needed rest!

I wiped out last night @ the HOC Relay Race. I was sprinting down a pitch black road trying to catch up to Chcuk and Brett, who were already leaving the first stop a few minutes before. I was out of my saddle in the drops when i hit something...probably a rock. All I remember is sliding...far, and hearing my helmet scrap against the asphalt. There was some guy in a car who said I slid 10 maybe 20 feet from where I fell, and asked if I was okay. I immediately got up and checked out my bike because it sounded like something snapped, it was hard to tell in the dark but nothing did. I walked back to Erwin to check out my scraps in the light. Then got a ride back to Starbucks.

I cracked my helmet, ripped my bib and jersey, counted 12 scars/bruises on my arms and legs, and had a great time. Next time!




Playlist I made for sprinting...
Just under an hour in length. Sprint! Sprint! Dig!

01 Cloudkicker Gensis Device
02 Cloudkicker Dysphoria
03 M83 *
04 Bloody beetroots WARP 1.9
05 The Hood Internet We are from Venice
06 The Hood Internet Crank the Pogo
07 Daft Punk What Goes Around the World (DJ Shyboy Remix)
08 HEALTH The Problem Is (Trust Lab Remix)
09 Simian Mobile Disco Standing In the Way (Soulwax Remix)
10 The Chemical Brothers The Boxer
11 The Mall Advantage Out
12 Crystal Castles Black Panther
13 Principles of Geometry Prophet
14 Holy Fuck The Pulse
15 Darude Sandstorm

**Photo props to Aaron Garcia


summer has been good to me...