I was riding to the District in Green Valley to meet a guy who wanted to buy an old textbook I had posted on Craigslist. It's a good +25 mile ride from NuVision! I had just crushed through some heavy, stand-still traffic and was pretty tired; trackstanding at the light on Sunset and Las Vegas BLVD. The Green arrow errupted and I take off instantly. I'm in the drops and digging heavy down Sunset. A blue Altima (or something) rolls up really, really close to me and a guy sticks half his body out of the back passenger window and slaps me in the butt! What?!?

Kinda confused and kinda angry, I don't even bother trying to catch up to the car. A decision made on half fatigue and apathy. I laugh at the incident and let it pass through my mind. The wind is strong and seems to be going against me, no matter which direction I ride. I stop by the Post Office to catch my breathe, put on an extra pair of socks, and check my cell phone for the time. Alas, a text message!! A girl friend of mine texted, "U looked cute riding on the street. So my friend hit you in the butt. Hope he didnt scare u!"

Hell yeah!

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