in case you missed it

ahh...I finally have internet again! It feels like so much has been going on, and so little has been updated. I like to set little mile markers in my life, a little tidbit and tangent to remind me of a place, time, event, person, etc...it was a bittersweet separation. So here's what's going on....in case you missed it.

in music...Demonoid.com is back up! I nearly jumped out of my seat when I got an e-mail from the gate-keeper. As if I haven't been spending every second listening to and finding new music.
...and No, I don't have any invitations.

Audrey got me this for our anniversary. Officially the happiest boy ever.

on the come up...
-LA Velodrome this weekend
-Radiohead in 106 days
-new house
-fall semester at the university

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