San Francisco and crash

okay...well...i finally bought an external hard-drive for my laptop, freed up some space, and uploaded the pictures from my San Francisco adventure. A lot has happened since I returned from Sf. see post below. but I think it's appropriate to post something about the trip. It was the best time i had ever had in the city. The weather, the food, the buildings, the people, and the friends were all top notch. I honestly can't wait to go back: next time with our bikes.

Brett and I tore up the town. rage hard and sleep harder.

...as if there wasn't enough to talk about, I go and run my bike and face into a car windshield. the windshield lost. It was bound to happen and luckily I walked away with only a few scars, ER trip, and a ticket for not having brakes on my bike. This was the only picture taken from the event, but it says it all. Keep your head up!


brett said...

youre a beast

ham on ryan said...

thanks buddy

Anonymous said...