Interbike Week is over. breathe.

All the training weeks prior paid off. The Vegas Drag Race was a massive success and there are so many people to thank. Top 10? well...maybe. I claimed if I got Top 5 I would be ecstatic. Your truly managed a respectable fourth place, and exceeded my own expectations! Matt managed to win second place, although he should have taken it all-if he only knew where to actual finish line was! Matt walked away with a Cinelli Vigorelli frame, a camera, and a bunch of schhwagg!

The Macaframa Premiere was insanity. Cyclist from SF, LA, Tokyo, etc. came out to watch the World Premiere of the newest fixed gear movie, that had well over two years of hype behind it. It was great to make new friends and see old ones. The movie was amazing, with great cinematography, insane riding, surreal HD Camera Angles, and a perfect soundtrack.

If I could have beeen two places at once, I still wouldn't have been able to go to all the places I wanted to go, and see all the people I wanted to see, and race all the races I wanted to race. It was completely overwhelming at times, and every year gets better!
Vegas was all over the place.

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Anonymous said...

wow, seems like this past week was a blast. too bad i'm never in town for all the fun stuff. good job on doing so well in the race though, ry :]