MMJ Care Package.

My Morning Jacket canceled their Las Vegas date for their Evil Urges Tour last month. I was extremely upset about this. What made matter worse was Viva-Radio, an amazing internet radio program based out of NY- played in every American Apparel store, was doing a huge promotion for their upcoming tour and CD Release. After hearing about the news of their show cancellation, I emailed Neil from Viva and told him I was going to send back all the promotional items we were to display in our store.

I told him how excited I was to finally see My Morning Jacket and how disappointed I was to hear of their show cancellation. He replied shorty after, "Go ahead and send it to NY3 and we will work something out. Thanks!"

Last Friday, Brett and I were checking the store's mailbox and found a record box shaped packaged addressed: Attention: Ryan O'Keefe. I was completely overjoyed to find the box containing four, brand new My Morning Jacket LP's!!! There was no note and any e-mail prior to the package being delivered. Needless to say, I have been jamming on some sweet MMJ tunes for the past few days.

Not sure who was behind this, but THANK YOU...it made my month!

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