I almost forgot to mention LA. It had some unexpected twists of luck. Southern California in general has always been confusing and cluttered to me, but this was easily the funnest trip to LA yet. Spontaneous adventures have always been a key and essential part of my life.

We filled my trunk with track wheels and bags, but had to make room for our two shopping carts full of IKEA goodness.
Matt and I parked the car in Downtown LA, took out the bikes, tore up the streets, took some pics, ate some food, and ran into some friends.

We found an AA in Echo Park and ran into Nick, a very awesome merchandiser who was at our store a few months back. It was great to see him and he let us crash at the company apartment on Sunset Blvd.
We met some awesome riders at the Encino Velodrome and participated in the LAFixed Velodrome Day. The track was outside and the weather was close to perfect. It was definitely different from my past visits to velodromes; there was an instructor who conducted drills and provided useful, and at times sarcastic, tips for racing. Some fast kids...

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