I am twenty one

This post should really be titled: not-so-weekly update post. Since I titled my last birthday post i am 20, it just seems appropriate. It's been more of a celebration week. I'm just now catching my breathe. I shared the same birthday birthday week with David Gamble, Jamesy, Matt D, and even Catherine Faris from AA Corporate. Crazy!!

8:36 am, November 24, I always get an anticipated and ecstatic phone call from my mother, wishing me a happy birthday. My parents took me out to the Peppermill for dinner, drinks, and gambling session. It was a great way to ease into my new freedoms.

The rest of the week was madness. The Fuckin' Party played their last show...for a while...downtown, and went out for drinks shortly after. Jamesy and I shared a small wine and cheese/birthday party the next day.

One of my best friends, Bryan Novelo, moved to San Fransisco last Sunday. He always inspired me to ride hard, push it to the limit, say 'fuck it' sometimes, and treat everyday like it's a new adventure. I can not recall when we first met, but he has always been there; good and bad. Novelo will always represent the positive side in my life. I'm extremely sad to see him go, but he's gotta do what he's gotta do. I wish him luck and hope he comes back with that dashing smile of his very very soon...

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