not-so-weekly-update post

I get so overwhelmed sometimes that my head feels like a ball of extensive things-to-do stickie notes. Summer is always an interesting time. Something is always going on. Today, after Sunday breakfast, we rolled to Zia, got some slurpees, and went to Nathan's house (the lodge). We sat on the patio, listened to music, and just talked about whatever was on our minds. I took it all in: small coffee table full of empty beer cans, magazine, full ashtrays, and random chippery. A smooth, cool breeze drifted through the backyard and we were safe from June's sunlight, under the festive awning. Everyone jumped into the pool and I took a nap in an old Lazy Boy Chair. This is summer.

few snaps...

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holly said...

one of the best days of summer so far :)