i am twenty two

In the spirit of every birthday post (i am 20 and i am 21) I will title this one similarly. Strange to think I have had this blog going for this long...

I tried to go to LA today for track training, but I guess everyone else decided too as well. The Sunday after the Thanksgiving holiday is a crazy one. Traffic pushed our destination-arrival-time further and further back. So Danny, Ian, and I flipped around and enjoyed a lazy sunny Sunday. A decent amount of riding was put on this week, but my birthday/turkey day week was a bit too hectic to really push it. It's a sign of the pace to come for the rest of the year.

Sigur Ros 'Frozen Sea 7LP box-set' is keeping me in a good winter mood.

I had my birthday @ Downtown Lounge, with birthday twin Bianca. photo cred goes to Aaron Garcia

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