Cheese People

Greetings from Russia!
Gleb Lisichkin, an independent music promoter from Moscow, e-mailed me saying he was a fan of my blog. Many thanks Gleb! Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I think there is a 14 hour time difference or something crazy like that.

Gleb wrote me to inform me of a band causing quite a buzz in Russia. He sent me the files, website, and info on Cheese People. The Cheese People are a female-fronted four-piece based in the city of Samara. From first listen I get a Datarock or New Young Pony Club-vibe; very fun and super catchy electro-punk! They are set to properly release their debut this year in Russia, Japan, Western Europe, and US.

::Download:: rar, 320 kbps

01. Stroitel
02. Ua-A-A!
03. Catch U
04. Boombaster
05. Moon
06. Wake Up
07. O-Djaz
08. Tibet+6++
09. Down & Down
10. Open My Eyes
11. Eats Your Popcorn
12. I Hate This Sound
13. Ua-A-A! (Gari remix)

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