Harvey Milk "A Small Turn of Human Kindness"

When did Stereogum get a face-lift? I need to check my bookmarks more often.

Well...props go out to NPR, yet again, for posting the new Harvey Milk record "A Small Turn of Human Kindness" due out this month. The sludge-noise rock band from Athens, GA return with an album that takes them back to their heavy roots. Not to say that they ever went soft...oh no, not for a second... but this album seems darker, dare I say doom-ier, than their 2009 release "Life...the Best Game In Town". They take their time to build up momentum and then stop suddenly, adding that extra feeling of anxiety and pleasure. While you can never take their lyrics or melody to seriously, you can not help but bang your head against your keyboard when the wall of guitars kicks in.

Stream full album or individual tracks [at] NPR . org

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