life according to my camera vol3

This has definitely been my hotel year.

Last week I spent a few days in Texas. My sister, Olivia, is going to start living and going to school in Austin and my family decided to drive her down. I wasn't going to let them have all the fun so I hopped on board. I forgot how long that drive is, flying back just seemed like a smart option. I don't think I could have handled another 24 hours on the road.

It was great to get a drastic change in scenery, eat some authentic Tex-Mex food, check out Lance Armstrong's bike shop, and see old friends. We visited my Aunt, Uncle, and Godmother: pretty much the only extended family that I talk to and care about. I'm so excited for Olivia to branch out and do here own thing and I can not wait to get back. Tour de Austin starts in September and I am going to try my best to make it out.

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