Hamilton's Pharmacopeia

Hamilton Morris interviews chemist Alexander Shulgin.

Hamilton Morris is my favorite writer and contributor to Vice Magazine and VBS.tv.

He spends his time writing about his adventures with obscure psychedelic drugs around the world. In the Sapo Diaries,, he ventured deep into the Amazon to find the Sapo frog, a hallucinogenic tree frog, that's venom was used by villagers and tribe members as a form of LSD. On another occasion, he went to Haiti to find a real zombie...or a Nzambi.

I was hoping to see the conclusion to the Haitian zombie episode but was excited to see this episode come to life. I remember reading the article in the Austin Airport and was blown away by Hamilton's vast knowledge of the chemistry behind the psychedelics he took. It's refreshing to see someone so passionate about something so insanely beautiful. Please watch and enjoy!

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