AMIINA "Puzzle"

Icelandic bliss...

Icelandic-cloud-string-experimental quartet, Amiina, released their second album, Puzzles, this week. Amiina merges avant-garde arrangements of violin, cello, ambient electronic noise, and blissful harmonies to create a sound that is both soothing and bold. The band spends a good part of their time touring with and backing up the other Icelandic power import Sigur Ros. With Jonsi on a North American tour and Sigur Ros on an indefinite hiatus, the group had a chance to follow up their 2007 debut, Kurr.

Preview // Listen // Download // Order their record at Amiina (dot) com. Watch a truly inspiring video by Vincent Moon, recorded in 2007 below...

amiina play Hilli, video by Vincent Moon from amiina on Vimeo.

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