SpiderTech 2011

Team Spidertech gets UCI Professional Continental certification.

Canada is a breeding ground for hockey players. With a sport that demands high speeds, intense muscle power, and suffering; it only seems fitting to try and recruit these athletes to cycling. That’s exactly what Steve Bauer did. Team Spidertech are now poised to leave for Europe and make their way back to the states for a few small tours. The 12 man team will ride Argon 18 Gallium Pros and E-114 for Time Trials.

I started following this team when I first got my Argon 18 and am glad to see their quick rise to success. While Spidertech is a young team they hope to make a name for themselves in the Pro peloton. “By 2013 we hope to reach World Tour status and be invited to race at the Tour de France”. Their race calendar says a few riders will be at Tour of Murrieta and San Dimas Stage Race and I will be there for support!

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