Valley of Fire SR 2014

Actual conversation I had with my body after the Pro1/2/3 Crit.

Body - hey Ryan

Me - Yeah whats up?

Body - WTF was that?!

Me - What was what?

Body - WTF did you just put us through?!

Me - Oh, sorry guys, I forgot to tell you that we were going to do a P123 Crit. I wasn’t sure how fast it was going to be. And hey, I know you guys are feeling kinda tired and sick but I would like to thank you, especially my legs, for hanging in there. The team really appreciates it.

Body - Well, sorry bro, we are shutting down. Call us in a few days,

Me - What if I promise to rest on Sunday and get a massage on Monday?

Body - Ehh…

Me - …and I will reward you guys with pizza on Sunday night. Even though you guys are protesting on Sunday, even though I put you guys through three weeks of travel and racing, and even though everything hurts : I’m still really proud of what I accomplished. I could have easily gone and done the cat 3/4 race and done well, I chose to do the Pro1/2/3 race knowing full well it would be hell. So thanks.

Body - Welcome, I guess, whatever. We will be back to working in a few days.

I got a few weeks to rest until State Champs. Them Tour de Sol is after that. That conversation above is no joke, I am in a lot of pain. I had back pains the week leading into VOF and then caught a cold; probably from the rainy time trial on Friday. Well, that's racing. Back to training...

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Alan Siegel said...

This made me laugh more than I probably should! The way you communicate with the body is just hilarious, although I do sympathize with his hardship. Congratulations on finishing the P123, by the way. And always remind yourselves that rest is always vital (and that extra bonus of pizza doesn't hurt once in a while)!

Alan @ ProClinix