Bittersweet Ending

I'm afraid i left a big hole in my trip, but it took me a few days to gather my thoughts and drive a few hundred miles home. So I apologize ahead of time for the sudden burst of inspiration and stagnant train of thought. After a day spent in San Francisco's Haight/Ashbury Street record stores, thrift stores, coffee shops, and American Apparels; I ventured off towards Reno, NV. There is a certain comfort I feel when i roll through Virginia Street and University. It's a town where i know some people, and know some places to go. A home away from home. A town that will be the end of me. i can't really come to the conclusion if I could really be happy, or at-least entertained, in a city outside like that.

I did things I never thought I could
Went to places I never thought I would
I crossed the oceanside
and split the sea with my car
Trekked through the mountaintops and through the plains
Saw a distance forest
turn into bare desolate terrain
Watched side streets turn into Kodak moments
and feared forever that life wouldn't be as potent 
Years later I will learn this was a horrible fear.

I have developed a bad habit of driving too fast. A cop car should not be your back door. I nearly had a conniption fit when I got behind a car going only seventy miles and hour. I've gotten so used to going and going just to get somewhere, that I have forgotten the rule of travel: enjoy the destination. There isn't anything i wished I did differently, as I am often asked, on this voyage of mine. All plans where controlled by myself and that made for half the fun. i only wish I would of had more time to explore the great up north, but San Francisco took a stranglehold on me and my time. Dharma. Such is Life.

i promised myself that I would use this page strictly for travel purposes. I am going to try to adhear to my proposal and maybe post entries on places I would like to see, or at-least legitamitally plan on seeing. Michelle, Daman, and I said that we would meet again in Eygpt; well you never know. Maybe not so brash as something so foreign, but I have been talking about England and Ireland to my family with great interest. So on my bombardment of manifest destiny in search of my own, I tackeled the coast with the lone determination to make somethng, anything, make sense. In a later phase with recapitulation in full bloom, my actions will make sense to me, but historians never make the greatest fortune tellers.

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