I got a late start at the highway but it was a Monday and most of the rush died the night before. I had made the decision a day earlier to drive straight to San Francisco, instead of my original plan to go to Vancouver. The whole reason i was going to go up there was for a Hey Fixie ride up in Canada. Well I would of had to drive from Vancouver to Vegas in two days!! I want to enjoy my way back home and take it as slow as possible. Besides, despite only being 49 square miles, there is still way too many things I want to see in San Francisco. I wanted to fall asleep in the fog of the bay so i can pretend to wake up in the clouds.

The road back to Northern California was a long one, I knew. I had to drive straight through Oregon and a few hours deep into the middle of the Golden State. Bob Dylan lead the soundtrack to my frantic drive back to see the bay. I gave a quick smirk when he mentioned-"getting stuck on the five forever."  Dylan would roar at the frenzied cluster fuck of SUV-soccer-mom's playing taxi cab driver on the 5. The scenery changed slowly from plains evergreen labyrinths to dry, flat farmland. I passed the usual homemade signs advertising family farms growing cherries, blueberries, stawberries, and every other berry you could think of. I arrived to the house in the dead of night and passed out on my makeshift bed- in my Uncle's home.

I woke up to the faint sound of Mexican laborers working on the extensive renovation project outside. When I first arrived to the house my Uncle Jon gave me a tour of the house and explained all the remodeling and landscaping that was in progress. it's going to be a pretty fascinating house. The kind to grow old in, the kind to retire in, and the kind that makes you truely proud of your life's hardwork. Applaud Applaud. But for the moment I was trying to sleep off an eleven hour drive I had to endure the day before.

No matter, I was off for the bay. I drove through the bay town of Sausalito and parked as soon as possible. Assembled my bike, grabbed my bag from my trunk and crushed it up the windy hills to the Golden Gate Bridge...finally. It isn't the hills that give me a struggle; it's the cold and freezing constant wind. There was a point coming up one of the hills that I would see clouds billowing down the mountaintops. it was like watching the weather channel in fast forward. I had forgotten how massive that bridge actually was. It was hard to tell and take it all in from the safety of a car. The bridge lies 4,200 feet across and connects the Marin County to San Francisco. Not a bad bike ride but with the freezing and high winds it was a bit of a challenge. i was just in shock that it's still like this in the middle of July, but then again a lot of things fascinate me. Well that's one goal you can cross of my list of things to do. For my next adventure I'm going to need a rocket, two magnets, and whole lot of will power.

Shitty photo. 'twas windy.

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