wings to take flite

It has been a good day. Sold my Bridgestone to a good friend of mine. I'm glad it will be going to some good use. Now I have to get a front brake working for him, and he should be golden. Thanks Fish. Still no luck on selling my EGO Drumset, it's just sitting taking up space. If you know of anyone who wants a great sounding, looking kit, let me know...or them.

Matt sold me his KHS Flite 100 Track Bike. "57 with 48X17 gear ratio! Good geometry. Moving up. A bit harder to stop but I will find that sweet spot soon enough. I'm just waiting on a matching machined Deep-V rim with Miche Primato hub. Then I will be set.

yeahh my license place says Ketel 1, do something about it.
more pictures soon. time to ride.

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