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In the past week, I have managed to obtain 20 hours of sleep. My eyelids feel heavier than my body. I think I will sleep until Saturday.

I just wrapped up my second research paper and consider myself an amateur Feng Shui artist.

If I lived in San Francisco, I would receive my mash dvd and shirt today, via bike messenger. I obviously live in the wrong town.

in music...
After one million downloads and gong platinum...kinda, thehoodinternet released Volume II on Monday morning. While it starts off slow, it picks up and doesn't let go. With a laundry list of hits from yesterday and today, the combinations will shock and amaze you. I personally love the track with Rick Ross vs Ghosthustler vs Wilco. That shit was ridiculous.

Demonoid.com went under again. And as usual, they left with a single line saying thanks for understanding and they hope to be back soon. With OiNK completely out of the picture, the future of torrent sites looks grim. Just as I was about to download Ratatat "Classics" I get the news, so if anyone has that album please send it to me via e-mail, aim, pando, etc...

on the come up:
Next week is Thanksgiving and my Birthday. Get hyped. Small little BBQ this Saturday, message me if you want to attend. Burgers, fajitas, veggie burgers, smoresss. dang. Count that as the third consecutive birthday my parents have been out of town for. Seems to be a bigger deal to my friends than myself.

Well, I think that's about everything that's been on my mind.
end transmission....

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